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Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 98%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 94%
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Idris Elba as Chief Bogo
Ginnifer Goodwin as Judy Hopps
Kristen Bell as Priscilla
Jason Bateman as Nick Wilde
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by petreusdavid 7 / 10

the best 3D animation

Is a movie that you can watch with your family, with great 3D animations.

Reviewed by gguruli 9 / 10

The Best Animation

I think that 'Zootopia' is the best animation, it changes something in me. This animation show us that nothing is impossible, if you want something very much and if you try so hard everything is possible. I thought that 'Zootopia' deserves Oscar and Golden Globe and I was happy and excited when it takes both of them. If you want to enjoy with animation, let's watch 'Zootopia', the best animation ever (for me).

Reviewed by Cirja Onisim 10 / 10

One of pixar's best ever! (No spoilers)

Zootopia tells the story of Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde who are a bunny and a fox respectively who are trying to solve a case together.

I am saying this is one of pixar's best is because it is bold enough to go where other pixar movies didn't go. From the movie start I was surprised by Judy which is such a loveable character and at the same time such an optimistic person that tries to be better and better even though she fails a lot of times just like Shakira's song says in both the beginning and end of this movie. The animation is the best ever from pixar and I've seen Coco which is newer than this but in Zootopia there were some scenes in which everything seemed real, really. The voice acting is fantastic and the standouts are these two leading characters, Idris Elba and JK Simmons' characters respectively. The story is so mature and so rich with countless moral lessons for both kids and adults but the thing I loved about it is that it gave so much depth to this two characters that at a point in the movie I thought I was watching a real movie about a police case. There are so many twist and exciting moments in this film where I was either laughing very hard or shocked or amazed by the courage this movie had with the story it told. I honestly don't have a single gripe or flaw with movie and that's why for me it's one of pixar's best along with 2017's Coco. Both will probably end up oscar winners and that along with the movie themselves just proves that sometimes animated movies can be better than real movies. Oh... did I mention the score? Fantastic again from Giacchino who is becoming a master at scoring these types of movies.

Amazing animaton, great voice acting, engaging story and great music make this movie one of pixar's best and one of 2016's best movies. 10/10

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