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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jacobjr-04135 1 / 10


I'm sorry to say but this is not what I expected as a zombie movie others may like it more than others for me it could have had more heart and soul maybe it was a practice film of some sort for more experience and knowledge but as I said it could have been done better and put more time into this for all of us

Reviewed by acottagecheesedemon 10 / 10


This movie was an instant classic for me. Everything about it is perfect, from the jaw dropping practical and special effects, to John Williams beautiful score, this movie just works. It works as an action thriller, and even as horror. I remember recently watching this film and thinking, "wow. Just wow." Allow me to start with the characters, each one feels real in their own way, and has excellent motivation. Even the villain is likable in his own way. Great writing. Next I would like to mention the score. Personally, I think the soundtrack to this movie is what ultimately "makes" the film. Every time I hear The theme, both inside and outside of the movie I am moved to tears. This is some of John Williams finest work, and it works perfectly with this movie. The last thing I think I should mention in the effects. Man, the first time I saw a Dino on the big screen, I was more than blown away. Both the practical and digital effects of this film are great. So great I'd say, that they even hold up today! Impressive. To sum up my review, this movie is a classic and a masterpiece of cinema that both movie lovers and casual fans alike should both check out.

I give Jurassic Park, a 10/10

Reviewed by Rashid A. 4 / 10

Silly movie

Get drunk before watching. Have popcorn while looking at this wild over the top slapstick comedy of how the Zoo animals become zombies. Bring the kids. I'm sure they will learn how to make a better movie. I didn't like it, even though it should've of been made at night rather then the afternoon.

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