Zombie Massacre 2: Reich of the Dead


Action / Horror / War

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by GL84 7 / 10

Solid if problematic Nazi Zombie effort

Trying to find shelter for a comrade, a group of soldiers fighting in the middle of the war stumble upon a concentration camp officer hoping to spur the Nazis forward by turning the inhabitants into the living dead and must find a way to stop his nefarious plans.

This one ended up being quite the enjoyable Nazi Zombie effort. One of the more impressive elements featured here is the incredibly strong atmosphere created showing their journey through the wilderness. The opening of this one carries them through the woods trying to reach the camp that has a gloomy ambiance that works nicely with the fact that this one mostly takes place inside the concentration camp which is a decided advantage. As that sense of oppression and gloom afforded by the setting leads into the action, that makes for a more realistic slant on the material at large since the zombies are given quite a more naturalistic slant here with the experimentations used to create them offers the film plenty to like. The encounters between the soldiers and the zombies are especially fun, from the first ambush in the ruins where they come shambling out of the walls in a surprise to the others when they emerge, the blazing gun-battle out in the middle of the compound where they encounter wave after wave of the creatures coming for them and the final burst where it shows the remaining soldiers and zombies battle it out in the outdoors surrounding the main camp which gives this a nice bit of thrills to go along with its graphic zombie makeup. These here do hold it up over it's few minor flaws, which extends mainly from the rather bland pacing here. There's not a whole lot of action that occurs throughout here as instead of getting plenty of encounters with the creatures, it tends to focus way too much on their exploits getting to the facility and trying to stay hidden that it manages to focus away from the zombie attacks for too long in such a brief effort. There's no reason for a movie like this at this length to feel dull so that it sticks out in any way here really gives itself away. As well, the ending is way too anticlimactic as instead of being a big showdown between the two forces, it devolves into a speech about the whole purpose for it all so it definitely ends on a whimper more than expected. With all the philosophical blather that it goes into about his history and mother figures being there, this one just doesn't really offer that great of an ending. Combined with the CGI blood-spray that occurs for many of the wounds, these here hold this one down.

Rated Unrated/R: Graphic Violence and Graphic Language.

Reviewed by Michael Ledo 1 / 10

We are the hands of God

This is not a sequel to "Zombie Massacre" and if anything it is an unconnected prequel. A small band of allies are operating in rural Germany (?) where there is a doctor who creates zombies which we see about 30 minutes into the film. Like zombies, the film was lifeless if not pointless. If you watch the "making of" part of the DVD, they actually admit they didn't want to make the film and did so only because it would be an easy money maker. So the bottom line I got out of it was you had to buy the film to be de facto called a "sucker." Very disappointing. Pathetic writing. Actors-Thanks for the effort.

Guide: F-word. No sex or nudity.

Reviewed by quincytheodore 2 / 10

It's as messy as mashed up zombie brain, and it's not worth your time to piece it together.

If you like watching poorly acted soldiers exchanging nonsensical banters about war while occasionally shooting Nazi zombies, you might last the first act. However, if you want actually plot or coherent dialogues, you'll do better watching bloopers from any other war movie. This is as vague as narrative as it can be, even by standard of B-movie.

There's basically no structure to the story at all. People would tell war stories for half of the movie, engage in obscure overly dramatic military propaganda and suddenly the shooting starts to happen. Characters pop out of nowhere and disappear altogether from the story, no one knows what happen to that one guy who was there earlier nor do they seem to care.

Zombie and Nazi are mixed into the narrative, yet the soldiers' reactions are inconsistent. It's as though someone shuffles random screenplays and just tosses them together. Acting is wooden, not that the material offers anything conclusive. It's marred with vague gibberish and at times dreamy near hallucinogenic scenes. Don't expect any finesse to technical aspect either, cinematography and effect are low budget mediocrity.

A lot of pretentious talk about war without war itself, it will painfully bores audience like zombie bites and by now capitalizing on zombie fevers feels like an old gimmick.

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