Zombie Hunter


Action / Comedy / Horror

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Danny Trejo as Jesús
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by johages 2 / 10

Lazy camp movie to avoid

If you are looking for a plot or good acting and writing, keep walking. If you are looking for gore, action and fun, again... keep walking. Zombie Hunter is aware of it's own campiness which it tries to ride off of the entire movie but yet feels too lazy to commit. The jokes are cheesy (as they should be for a campy movie) but it gets to the point of frustration when they begin to repeat the same lines 3 to 4 times. The repeating jokes, glaring continuity errors, 2D characters you don't give two craps for and flat (and I mean flat as a board) acting, makes the movie rather difficult to watch. There are a couple of good action scenes (and a lot of crap ones), which is why I gave it at least a 2 our of 10... and I'm being nice.

Reviewed by Dylan Summers 3 / 10

Poorly Edited and Scripted

When I was looking through Netflix trying to find a good zombie movie to watch, I came across this one and saw the story for it and the picture so I clicked on it and watched it. I first thought it was pretty good then it just seemed like it was made by a 9 year old, saying "retarded" and really poor editing. That's what I really noticed was the editing. It was terrible and it looked like someone went on Windows Movie Maker and pressed some buttons for 5 minutes and called it editing. It was also really unrealistic. I understand that a zombie movie wouldn't be too realistic because "zombies" but with the huge monster who looked like Groot from Guardians of the Galaxy and a clown zombie with a chainsaw. I am out of words. I wasted my time watching this. One more thing I forgot to add was the main character was trying too hard to be cool and it made him look terrible.

Reviewed by bowmanblue 4 / 10

Calling it a 'B-movie' would be generous

Okay, so we have a film called 'Zombie Hunter' and it stars renown B-movie actor Danny Trejo. So... what are we expecting? I'm guessing that most of us know it won't be Shakespeare and would settle for some silly, over the top, zombie-bashing fun. Right? I wish. Sadly, right from the start we're treated to possibly the most corny monologue from the film's leading man (who isn't Danny Trejo, incidentally). And, worst of all, this guy who seems to be doing his best impression of Christian Bale in the Dark Knight trilogy, keeps jabbering on all the way through the movie. Seriously, his monologues are so bad, you'd think they were funny - perhaps a way of making sure we didn't take this film seriously. However, they're just not amusing enough to be funny. There is no humour in this film.

If you have a B-movie with no stars and little budget, you don't expect it to try and compete with Hollywood's A-list efforts. You expect the film to play to its strength. However, this doesn't. It's not funny and, if it thinks it is then I simply missed every last 'joke' in there.

You won't care about any of the characters. Every last one is a walking-talking cliché who you'll know whether they're destined to live or die from the first moment you see them.

Yes, the 'zombie kills' are nice. They're filmed in slow motion and have a decent about of blood (albeit purple blood for some reason). However, zombies have been at the forefront of film-making since the first Resident Evil film. By now a film has to have more than just a bit of stylish direction when an undead creature is killed.

If you're looking for a cheesy zombie film to simply entertain you then look elsewhere. Or just stick to Shaun of the Dead. That's funny, gory and has characters you'll actually care about.


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