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Jake Gyllenhaal as Robert Graysmith
Robert Downey Jr. as Paul Avery
Mark Ruffalo as Inspector David Toschi
Dermot Mulroney as Captain Marty Lee
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by FountainPen 4 / 10

Tries hard but fails.

My number one question is WHY was Gyllenhaal cast in the lead? He's extremely ineffectual, mealy-mouthed, delivers his lines in an irritatingly mumbling, raspy manner. Next is the matter of the music chosen for various segments: totally inappropriate. OK, the songs are from the right time period, but they simply do not connect with what's on screen in most instances. I sincerely wanted to "enjoy" and appreciate thisfilm, but I was thwarted, sadly. The players try hard, but fail. At least this movie was not shot in near-darkness as many films of the past 30 years have been, oddly. Is lighting too expensive? Sorry I cannot rate this higher than 4.

Reviewed by areatw 8 / 10

Fascinating and successfully chilling

'Zodiac' is a compelling and very well-made film focusing on an amateur detective's investigation into the infamous Zodiac killer, whose identity remains a mystery to this day. It is rare for a factual crime film to go into such detail about events that took place in real life, but 'Zodiac' ensures that all of the key points of this case are covered. As a result, the film is nearly three hours long, but every scene serves a purpose and the running time is never felt.

The graphic scenes of murder at the very start of the film do a good job at setting the scene, throwing the audience right into the case and creating a tense atmosphere from the get go. The tension rarely lets up, with the pacing of the film ensuring that there's always a new plot development around the corner. The acting is also very good, with Jake Gyllenhaal delivering the stand out performance and probably a career best from him. An excellent film all round, highly recommended for those who enjoy true crime stories.

Reviewed by eagandersongil 8 / 10

The instigating unknown

The mix of rhythm, script, acting and photography. "Zodiáco" is another film by David Fincher that is not perfect, but also does not sin, approaching the story of a curious serial Killer, the film mixes nuclei and points of view, with many details, tension and a good direction, all this makes "Zodiáco" one of the best films of the American director. With more than two hours and socks of duration the script can not be dropped into monotony, and even when the same is repeated in ideas, is saved by the great performances, telling the story of a serial Killer that ravaged California during the 1960s and 70, the film little develops the killer because, it was never discovered that it really was, so we have a concentration in a journalistic nucleus and a police officer, the latter to support the first, and running out, we have a nucleus with more poetic freedom, which in the case, is the murderer, the script, even if one repeats ideas at times, has a spectacular rhythm, in addition to telling an extremely instigating story in an even more instigating way, through speculation, all 4 characters that involve the two core cores are well developed, in terms of script the work is not perfect, but it is well above average. The film flees in talking about some social issues in the middle of the way, like racism for example, does not end up not going that way, which is not bad, since it is difficult to focus on something other than "Zodiaco ", with a palette of gray but clear colors, the film transmits very well the 60s and 70s, in addition to centered camera angles, and always using plane against plane, the film direction is very good, the subjective camera is little used , but we have beautiful open plans, as well as a positioning in closed spaces that always goes through a "Sinister" climate. With a trio of actors that would come a few years later become synonymous of quality in the cinema, the performances are great and follow the whole. "Zoadico" is the right movie in the wrong year, released in 2007, a year where we had "Black Blood" and "Where the Stars Are". weak does not have "the film really you're kind of forgotten, but still. It's a complete work, besides being a good movie.

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