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Paul Hopkins as Dale
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by bethanygrainge 1 / 10


This enitre film is a slower version of every other movie Disney channel puts out with some below average dance numbers to mask the absolutely atrocious acting. the plot is so similar to descendants it's ridiculous, and my god. THE ZOMBIES. They look like rejected jokers! No effort put into them at all. This movie is 100% tosh. Do not waste your time.

Reviewed by Brett Shartz 3 / 10

Wanna Be Descendants

The plot is so similar to Descendants its ridiculous. The acting is bad and the songs are not good. Normally I'm all for Disney Channel Original Movies - especially the musicals but this one is not worth the time. I only watched it live so I could see the new trailer for Descendants 3. Honestly, they should have filmed Descendants 2 and 3 back to back so I don't have to wait a year and half for the next one. But nope instead they made this garbage movie.

Reviewed by aubie87 6 / 10

Fun family movie

Considering this is a Disney Channel TV movie, and not a theatrical film, it was very entertaining! The leads Milo Manheim and Meg Donnelly had great chemistry and their acting (including Bucky, Trevor Tordjman) was great, which you don't usually get with DCOMs. Even some of the leads in the ever-popular Descendents were lacking, so it was refreshing to see some better talent in this movie. I liked the overall tone of the movie and the cheerleaders reminded me a bit of Bring It On, in how they enthusiastic and sometimes corny they were in talking about cheerleading. One negative- I felt that the costuming and setting was a bit over the top. I understand this was done intentionally to portray the differences between the two worlds of humans and zombies, but the pastels and bright neon pink and green was just too much for the eye to take.

The music was good, a little cookie-cutter, but the song Someday was particularly sweet and effective in setting the tone and message for the movie. I thought it was a great statement for young kids on how racism is bad and we should be more accepting of other people/culture/differences, and I loved how Disney put it in the context of Zombies- fun and inspirational! I am curious to see if this gets a sequel and interested to see where they take the story next.

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