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Andrew Francis as Dancer
Paul Hopkins as Dale
Naomi Snieckus as Ms. Lee
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ztb-92783 7 / 10

Better than Descendants 2, more effort in the Acting and Dancing....and Story.

This movie when I saw the preview at first, I had low expectations. I thought it was gonna flop. However.....after watching the premiere, I actually really liked it! :D

The characters were really likable, even the "antagonist/villain" was likable.

There is a lot of "Diversity" in this Movie, which was the main message of the Movie from the start.

Acceptance & Diversity!

Meg Donnelly ie Addison, allows the viewer to see what's like to be accepted amongst your peers only to live with the cripplingly fear of your "true self" being exposed, thereby hiding it and showing a "pretend you" in order to feel accepted. Which is what a lot of kids/teenagers can relate to when starting a new school with new people.

In the end......well I won't spoil it! ;)

But just like I mentioned before, acceptance and diversity plays a big role! So this movie is a fun, entertaining movie for children and young teens to watch, and better choreography than Descendants! Oh....and the lip sync is actually better when they sing in this movie! Just putting that out there! :)

Reviewed by johnsont-19090 10 / 10

Awesome Family movie

This is an amazing story of friendship, love, and being who you truly are, and is inspiring.

Reviewed by stacershyla 10 / 10

Loved it!

I absolutely adore this movie and the young new actors! It was nice to see some fresh new faces on Disney. The overall production, the songs, the acting, the whole thing kept me and my kiddos entertained (even my "too cool" teenager got into it!)

Can't wait to see what Milo and Meg become in the future!

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