Z for Zachariah


Action / Drama / Sci-Fi / Thriller

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Margot Robbie as Ann Burden
Chris Pine as Caleb
Chiwetel Ejiofor as John Loomis
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by dantonstl 6 / 10

weird ending

So some things that stuck out here. The humans survived a holocaust. we see a woman and her dog living in a church.she has on a hazmat suit, but why did it come off? were there only certain areas where there was airr quality to allow that? so, she goes out hunting with an air rifle and finds a lame camper in the middle of the road....and a crazy diabetic in a space suit. They bond almost instantaneously. Chemiki Okafor becomes excited and bossy at the same time, remember when shes on the tractor, and hes like get off the tractor come hang out with me, and she was like, no thats okay im gonna do what i want to... then he got drunk at a local supermarket and could identify which snacks and sodas she liked and didnt like by what was surplus in the store? very creative. At that point, he became a lil abusive....but they ended up getting sexual anyways. So, then they find chris pine....oh boy....and some weird love triangle happens.It was cool...cuz chimeki okafor was like its cool to like him, we arent married....and the conniving spirit visible in chris pines character was all like, well instead of taking ownership of this chick and making me feel like it might be time to move on...it was BOOM i got your girlfriend.(see that scene where the next morning after they had sex in the bathroom chris pine all drapes his hand on her hair and sits down next to her eating breakfast?) but she gets remorseful and proclaims her love and commitment to the black character...weird. so this dude, chemiki okafor can make electricity if they build a wheel to get water to generate it...margot robbie is all like, how are we gonna pay chris pine to do hard labor and work with chimiki? and of course, chimiki takes on the stance well im the boss and he should work for free if hes gonna be apart of our circle.. whatever....so the ending happens...its a lil spooky because chris pine left once the project was done and the electricity got turned on.DID HE LEAVE? or did he get killed? then we are left with...um black dudes a killer and can be abusive when he drinks...maybe...is she gonna get raped for the rest of her life? or is this gonna be a gratifying experience for the both of them etrnally with a missing person...being chris pine...OH yeah and i forgot chimiki tell margot robbie that he in fact killed her brother, and what does she do....gets the sniffles and says its okay..its okay? so this chick is mentally ill. but so is the diabetic....obviously.

Reviewed by SnoopyStyle 7 / 10

stripped down

Preacher's daughter Ann Burden (Margot Robbie) survives a nuclear apocalypse alone with her dog. Her family had left to search for other survivors. She scavenges supplies from the nearby abandoned town. One day, she encounters John Loomis (Chiwetel Ejiofor). He gets sick from contaminated water and she nurses him back to health. There is tension especially with her religious beliefs but they grow closer. Then, another stranger named Caleb (Chris Pine) appears out of nowhere.

Robbie is the it girl right now although her role would be played more effective by a more mousy, quiet actor. She needs to be a plain tomboy and possibly rougher. She doesn't seem to be doing any specific accent which leaves the location unknown. The stripped down plot is effective. It's a slow start and needs a better way to pull in the audience. It should follow Loomis at the start as he escapes the devastation. That would be compelling although it may be beyond the no-budget production. Once the triangle is formed at midway, the movie picks up a little steam. It's an apocalyptic movie not for the usual fans.

Reviewed by Irie212 5 / 10

Doomsday à trois

Even if this movie is seen as an allegory, or a modern Bible story, it is hard to accept a post-apocalyptic landscape in which no horror or tragedy is ever shown. Instead, nuclear apocalypse is a plot device used to isolate three characters in a love triangle-- a rather extreme device.

A young woman (Margot Robbie in a fine performance) lives on a farm in a secluded valley that somehow escaped the nuclear holocaust. She is joined by two men who managed to survive because they were both underground when it happened. The first to arrive is John (Chiwetel Ejiofor), an engineer wearing complex hazmat gear. Later on, Caleb (Chris Pine) arrives, though he skulks around stealing eggs before he's discovered.

For all they know, they are the last three people on Earth, people whose survival is very much in question. Their secluded farm, like the Garden of Eden, is an illogical phenomenon that only makes sense as fiction. That's fine, as long as there's a reason to dispense with rationality in the interests of a message, or at least entertainment. I'm not sure that "Z for Zachariah" manages that, because it is diverting but enigmatic, and ultimately unsatisfying.

Themes of religion and rebuilding are introduced, but not explored. Alcohol is introduced a few times, only to confuse motivations of characters we barely understand in the first place. The movie is careless about all the characters, in fact-- especially the fourth one, a dog named Faro. He is the girl's constant companion on the farm at first. Then the men arrive, the plot begins, and the movie drops the dog without a word of explanation. (Perhaps Caleb ate him? Hot dog and eggs?)

It is classified as sci-fi on IMDb and other places, but use of the word "radioactive" doesn't qualify a movie as science fiction, and I saw nothing else that looked like science, unless you count an engineer building a water-wheel. Really, it's a chick flick that's set in a minimally-realized future. It's not an ordinary chick flick, in that there is no girl talk, but the movie's subject is not survival or the future, it's human emotions under stress-- love, loneliness, jealousy.

If you agree that emotions are what will matter most to the last three people on earth after a nuclear holocaust, then this movie may be for you.

NB: I haven't read the book, which I gather is superior to the film. But a movie has to stand on its own merits, so the original source material is ultimately irrelevant. As Tom Wolfe said when asked about the film version of Bonfire of the Vanities, "I retained the right to cash the check."

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