Young Doctors in Love


Action / Comedy

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 31%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 37%
IMDb Rating 5.3 10 2687


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Demi Moore as New Intern
Sean Young as Dr. Stephanie Brody
Richard Dean Anderson as Drug Dealer
Harry Dean Stanton as Dr. Oliver Ludwig
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Tom Willett (yonhope) 8 / 10

Med Plans, Dead Pans and Bed Pans

Hi, Everyone, Enough of this works to make it a very funny movie for your weekly movie night with the Fenwicks who live next door. The comedy ranges from low brow to pelvis with a couple of stops in between.

My favorite part of this movie is Hector Elizondo as Angelo/Angela. There are some guys-in-drag movies that are really fun to watch. If you saw Some Like It Hot, you probably marveled at Jack Lemmon's and Tony Curtis' female personalities. The same was true with Laurel and Hardy when they would don dresses and take on a new character. Hector Elizondo is one of the funniest women I have ever seen on film. It's a shame more ladies can't be this funny in a dress.

The lead actors are not as important as the supporters. Like any good truss, they supply support to what otherwise might sag. Michael Richards (Kramer?), is the hit man you want to have trying to wipe you out. He is just slightly South of stupid. Harry Dean Stanton looks like he just returned from drama class at Professor Irwin Corey's Night School. Stanton is funny just sitting down.

Taylor Negron shows promise as a Latin lover for some future Tango film. He does a great job here on several levels. Check out his facial expression as he is handcuffed to a policeman during a wedding scene. He also is excellent as he kisses his love interest while he is handcuffed. The blind policeman who is part of the SWAT team has a funny line.

There is a lot to like here.

You should probably see your Young Doctors every six months if you are over fifty-five or once a year if you are feeling OK.

If you liked this, try Tootsie or Naked Gun or The Hospital (1971) with George C. Scott. If you like zany comedies you might also like Movie, Movie with George C. Scott.

Tom Willett

Reviewed by mononkmike 6 / 10

Better under influence.

This is one of a dime a dozen spoof. It has it's moment and it helps to indulge in a big fat one before viewing. Don't spend half an ounce ont it tought.

Reviewed by SnoopyStyle 6 / 10

intermittently funny

Dr. Joseph Prang (Dabney Coleman) teaches the new batch of interns at City Hospital for the next twelve months. A mob boss in hiding has a heart attack. Angelo (Hector Elizondo) takes him to the hospital in disguise while hunted by a hit-man (Michael Richards). Intern Phil Burns (Taylor Negron) likes hard-nosed head nurse Norine Sprockett (Pamela Reed). Popular intern Dr. Bucky DeVol (Ted McGinley) falls for hooker Julie. Intern Dr. Stephanie Brody (Sean Young) is suffering from mysterious pains. Dr. Simon August (Michael McKean) is cold but can't help falling for Stephanie. He is desperate to be a surgeon but can't stand the sight of blood.

This Garry Marshall movie is part spoof of a soap opera like General Hospital in the vein of 'Airplane!'. There are some funny bits. I still remember the urine scene. However, the comedic jokes don't come quite as fast and furious as 'Airplane!'. It's pretty broad but not all of it works. The cameos don't work on me since I don't watch soap operas. Sean Young is great and her character is classic soap material. Michael McKean is less capable as a leading man. He doesn't have charisma. His character is suppose to be stiff but it doesn't work if the actor is too good at it. Overall, this needs more jokes.

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