You Only Live Once


Crime / Drama / Film-Noir

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 100%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 78%
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Henry Fonda as Eddie Taylor
Sylvia Sidney as Joan Graham
Ward Bond as Casey - Guard
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by John Brooks 6 / 10

1930's Bonnie and Clyde like story

Henry Fonda adds a lot of presence to this film, and it's interesting to see on an individual level how he's progressed as an actor from decade to decade in the roles he's played and the way he's been utilized as a protagonist.

This film is fine. It's a bit bleak indeed and it seems the emphasis is on the wrongs of young, responsibility-free love; how love may not always be fulfilled and experienced the right way when it is so passionate it derails from its natural path.

Fritz Lang was known for his visual artistic vision and it shows here as some still-frames have a soul of their own and illustrate the aesthetics of the individual scenes a bit further, although they're nothing quite magical, they're nice touches added to the overall visual aspect.

The story is fine, the characters are globally well written and bring their own purpose to the plot. But overall, understandably for its time but still, there is a predictability and inevitability about it that are quite chronic throughout the whole picture, and that does tarnish the experience.

Reviewed by alamosa1 1 / 10

Hilarious parts that aren't meant to be funny then it gets loose and idiotic

People writing most of the reviews must have seen a different movie than I did. This thing is God awful... I had a lot of fun laughing during the first 15 minutes in scenes that are meant to show the callous cruelty of the workaday world....the boss who fired Fonda...the Hotel managers wife etc...(I recognized her from Laurel and Hardy movies). In fact this movie would have made an excellent black comedy.

But then the plot gets loose and fragments with holes you can drive through...or rather get a gun through. The metal detector gave away Sidney on the way into the cell with gun but is silent when Sidney walks back out still with the gun. The "metal detector" looks like a one of those automatic door openers using photo cells from the 50s.... and on and on this thing goes loose and boring...

Lang has a couple Citizen Kane moments with good scary shadow work but this is the exception rather than the rule in this decidedly low budget looking film.

The writing is terrible... the story unbelievable in the extreme...and then gets drawn out and boring and corny towards the end.

Lang can pull off great movies if they let him....that was probably the problem here the studio wanted a heart throbber with violins playing and Lang liked the noir scenes with gas masks and murdered (thank heavens!) priests... I think that is probably over analysis giving a low rent story too much credit..this movie simply flops.

Sylvia Sydney looks 10 years older than Fonda...but I looked it up to see = she was 27 when this was made and Fonda 32. She is a rather unattractive woman...I liked her hard sister better and best of all the Motel Manager's wife from Laurel and Hardy movies.

Do not recommend unless you can treat the whole thing as a black comedy.

Reviewed by gavin6942 7 / 10

Lang Does Noir

The public defender's secretary (Sylvia Sidney) and an ex-convict (Henry Fonda) get married and try to make a life together, but a series of disasters sends their lives spiraling out of control.

When Fritz Lang came to America, he seemed to specialize in film noir. This was one of his earliest films. Unfortunately, because of the censors, we will likely never get to see his proper vision... as much as fifteen minutes have been cut for violence. Today, these scenes would probably be considered tame or laughable.

The film today may be in the public domain (this is unclear), as the available copies are not as crisp as they could be (though not nearly as bad as hey could be, either). The film recorded a loss of $48,045, which is rather startling in retrospect -- how could Lang or Fonda be attached to a box office bomb?

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