You Can't Kill Stephen King


Action / Comedy / Horror

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by redandsparkly 7 / 10

Stephen King would get a kick out of it

O.K.the acting leaves something to be desired but what do you expect from a B-grade? I have paid to see worse movies that claimed to be A-grade.

I was pleasantly surprised to find it was not only Stephen King's famous stories getting the nod, but some of his lesser known stories as well.

If you are looking for a serious horror, do not watch this. If you are looking for an A-grade spoof along the lines of the Scary Movie franchise, again do not watch this.

If you are a King fan with a dark and slightly odd sense of humour as many of his fans do, this is right up your alley. How many stories can you find inside the story? I bet this was fun to make.,

Reviewed by trashgang 5 / 10

not funny and nothing to offer on all aspects

Being promoted over here by organizers of horror conventions I picked it up for almost no money. No money mostly means a bad flick but promoted by the geeks themselves I thought to give it a go.

Was I wrong, maybe for , sigh, Stephen King buffs this will be a must see because there are so many references to his books but for me what the hell was this. Again as so many flicks it started off rather okay, but once the main leads came in the horror was over. Sure, it's a horror flick because some moments were okay, killings done on-camera but it's the flick itself, in fact, the story that makes it a bit boring.

And then for the girls, yes you perverted Kleenexers, they are in the flick but what did the cover say, boob time, nah, don't believe it, not one boob is shown. Shown in bikini's that for sure but no nudity to spot and when one of the girls, the loaded one, says she wants to take a shower, the music turns into well you guess it, but nothing here too.

Why this flick is promoted as a must see and why it even over here has a 16 plus is a mystery for me. Common, even Vampire Diaries has more blood to shown.

I guess they should change the words on the back of the sleeve into It Was A Mistake To Pick This Up.

Gore 0,5/5 Nudity 0/5 Effects 2/5 Story 2/5 Comedy 0/5

Reviewed by tdibble-1 6 / 10

Mid-level comedy, good SK spoof

Okay, first let me say this: you really have to be a fan of Stephen King and utterly familiar with his body of work to enjoy this movie. You might have guessed that from the title, but it seems some did not pick up on that. If you are not really heavily immersed in everything Stephen King, save yourself some time and disappointment and go watch something like Tucker and Dale vs Evil instead, a much better (in my opinion) spoof on the whole teen-slasher-movie genre with its many conventions.

The "spoof" here is not just a collection of Stephen King novel/story references - Christine the boat, the Bachman kids, the raft in the lake, the clown from It, etc. The larger spoof is of Mr King's uncomfortably goofy sense of humor, tendency towards really crappy / poorly acted film adaptations (with a few notable exceptions, though the only one mentioned in this movie that I caught was The Shining, an adaptation Stephen King practically disowned), and inability to write a decent ending to save his life. Avoiding the spoiler tag here, I won't comment on the ending other than to say that, like many SK stories, novels, and films, it induced a pretty hefty groan from me.

There is relatively good use of misdirection throughout, which is also something SK does very well in many of his stories (although there is a very thin line between some of what I'm attributing to "misdirection" and just plain dropped plot lines).

That said, it also missed its mark in quite a few places. I expected some relevance to SK lore, yet it seemed more background color incidental to the story than something the story revolved around. You could have called this "You Can't Kill JD Salinger", changed a few of the references around, and had an equally apt movie. I also expected a cameo from Mr King in there somewhere - I know, that would be a bit of a stretch for an indie film, but send the guy your script and maybe a rough print and see if he's up to being in the background of a scene somewhere; if he isn't, then it seems likely you've missed your mark somewhere and should try harder. And there are dropped plot lines - like the thing about seeing King's house only from the lake - that seemed like they were put in the script and forgotten and no one caught it on second or third drafts, even though they could have easily been dropped altogether or resolved cleanly. Finally, the killings just seemed ... pedestrian. You are naming your movie and centering it around one of the most inventive horror writers of the twentieth century, and it seems the death scenes are Friday the Thirteenth retreads instead of anything approaching original.

Overall, I'd say it is a decent movie to watch if you are a King fan, although I wouldn't go out of my way to see it. If you aren't a King fan, there is better fare in the B-movie slasher comedy genre to feast on.

That said, I am a King fan, and I enjoyed it, so gave it an above- average-but-just rating of "6/10".

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