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David Bowie as The Shark
John Cleese as Harvey 'Blind' Pew
Madeline Kahn as Betty
Marty Feldman as Gilbert
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by toby gaines 3 / 10

Really wanted to like this movie

I like most Python / Gilliam and Cheech & Chong movies, but this one is worse than all of them. It's rock-bottom. Even jokes that are not funny can be charming, but the ones in this film are neither - they just left me saying "who on earth would think that's funny"? Peter Boyle is brilliant, but in this, he just looks like some guy who walked in from another set.

Imho the jokes could have been charming if the directing and editing hadn't been so horrible, because this cast is loaded with charm, especially Chapman and Cleese. But even that can't save a film that's been ruined by the director. I haven't seen anything else by this director, so I can't tell if he's really this bad or if this was just a train wreck for some other reason, but, he's no Gilliam, and this is his only major motion picture. I guess they couldn't get Gilliam; Chong himself could have done it better too

Reviewed by fullheadofsteam 6 / 10

Uneven yes, but clever nonetheless

This movie, though muddled a bit, should still remain a must for Monty Python fans. Icing on the cake with this film is the outstanding performance by Madeline Kahn. It is also memorable for the inimitable Marty Feldman, as this was his last film and of course in which he is a standout. The script for the most part is clever, as is to be expected. It is the final cut that lends itself to some scenes (i.e., at Portsmouth, or later at sea) that are too drawn out and too laborious in construct. Unfortunately, as one of the script's authors, Chapman was reportedly ignored when it came to final editing. Cheech and Chong, while comic legends now and innovative for their time, do over- emote in all of their scenes, but amusingly enough this is most humorously addressed in the script itself in the dialogue during a momentous battle scenario. If you love the original Pythons -- which include Chapman, Idle and Cleese, then as a devotee you owe it to yourself to see this movie (if you haven't already!). Plus it has a shortened blood-squirt scene reminiscent of the Black Knight in Python's Holy Grail film. Another plus is Peter Cook in the movie, former comedy partner of Dudley Moore, but somewhat understated and underutilized as a comedic romantic foil to Chapman's Yellowbeard. This should probably be added to the movie collection of any Python fan, as it captures comedy moments that are classic yet past.

Reviewed by Charles McGrew 6 / 10

Close, but no cigar

This movie could have been great, and it certainly shows flashes of brilliance. But they are flashes only (and generally in the use of language -- probably written by Peter Cook), and are separated by tiresome pirate-based skits that (kind of) hang together. My rating of 6 is for the flashes, and not the tiresome-ness.

Cheech Marin and Peter Boyle dig into their parts and play with gusto, but everybody else seems to be sort of standing around a lot and saying things to get us to the next scene of people standing around. James Mason plays Charles Laughton gamely, but Marty Feldman is mostly wasted. John Cleese seems to be acting in an entirely different movie all together. The best line (by Spike Milligan) is spoken by a character not even given a name. A shame, really.

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