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Barbi Benton as Susan Jeremy
Billy Jayne as Young Harry
Jon Van Ness as Jack
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by thesar-2 3 / 10

My Ruby Red Valentine's

50 Shades of Red, X-Red and Red Eye for the Dead Guy would all work as better titles to spoil how much red you'll see in this movie. But, the most red were the herrings.

Typical early 80s slasher with all the tropes, but what made this one stand out was how unintentionally funny it was. I laughed hard throughout and was constantly reminded of comedies like Student Bodies and Airplane!

It also felt like the actresses all came from the porn ward on floors 6 and 9. I guess that's a good thing for guys who like that sort of thing and it didn't bother me too much. Unlike that damned telephone that wouldn't stop ringingÂ…

The setup produced some hearty laughs out of me. Our heroine, Susan, is just swinging by the hospital for a few minutes to pick up test results, but after a few hours of wandering around, acting upset, getting thrown into beds, yelled at and slapped by doctors, she ain't going nowhere.

And it's because someone in the hospital keeps making others believe she is worse off than she is. While this diversion works, it's only temporary as this movie needed a higher kill count.

Will Susan unmask this killer and survive? Will her test results come back negative? Will someone ever pick up that goddamn phone?

It's really not a good movie and has so many plot-holes and lose-ends, it's hardly a recommendation to people outside the fondness I share for 80s Slashers I love so much.


Final thoughts: My friend, Dustin, described this movie's lead as: "No one exemplifies the height of sophistication like Barbi Benton in 1981's hospital-set slasher X-RAY." But, I might add: She also had some weird- ass nipples. Eh, I guess, to each their own.

Reviewed by David Marcos 8 / 10

Way More Fun Than You'd Think

Hospital Massacre a.k.a. X-Ray is a light, goofy slasher offering that's not discussed or mentioned very often, even though it's probably one of the more fun examples of the genre.

Barbi Benton stars as a recently divorced woman trying to pick up some routine x-rays from the hospital. Her x-rays are switched by a psychotic madman and Benton's night turns into a full fledged nightmare.

If there's one thing Hospital Massacre can be commended for, it's the wackiness factor. Benton encounters everything in this hospital from an entire floor filled with smoke and guys in gas masks, cackling old crones, decapitated heads in hat boxes, sinks full of acid, rooms of shrieking patients in full body casts...it boggles the mind. It teeters the line of camp several times, but usually just comes across as nightmarish and bizarre.

Benton isn't too bad as our heroine and the rest of the acting isn't awful either. The smokey hospital (is it on fire?) adds some nice atmosphere and our heroine's predicament is nicely paranoid like dime store Kafka.

Slasher fans should find a lot to enjoy here.

Reviewed by Caroline Phillips 8 / 10

Preposterous, but sleazy fun!

It's hard to take Hospital Massacre seriously. It just is. Yet, there's something so bizarre about it that it almost feels like one of those strange Italian horror films from the 70's or 80's where it seems like aliens from another planet have made the film and are trying to recreate the human experience as best they can.

The story involves Barbi Benton who goes in to pick up some routine test results, but someone from her past switches her results so that she'll have to stay for more test and they can get close to her...and kill off half the hospital.

Much like Halloween II, this hospital feels dimly lit - with hallways filled with dust and smoke - and a bit underpopulated (not as much as in Halloween II, though). All the doctors and nurses are shifty individuals who seem up to no good and look at Benton's switched test results with a mix of wonder and revulsion. Makes you wonder what the killer switched them with.

The kill scenes are nasty and plentiful, which will thrill the gorehounds among us, and there are enough surreal set pieces to tickle fans of absurd cinema. Just wait until the killer corners a nurse by running down a long hallway from behind a bed sheet or the scene where a terrified Benton runs into a room only to find the three patients in full body casts suspended from the air and shrieking. It's very strange.

Hospital Massacre is perfect for rainy day or late night movie watching, especially with friends.

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