WXIII: Patlabor the Movie 3


Action / Animation / Crime / Sci-Fi

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 100%
IMDb Rating 6.7 10 864


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Kari Wahlgren as Saeko Misaki
Daran Norris as Kiichi Goto
Michael Forest as Takeshi Kusumi
Richard Epcar as Isao Ota, Director
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by garakira 8 / 10

A experience you won't regret it

I don't really know why the hate towards this beautiful, fun, thriller, the pace it's slow but it's intended to be like that, it has action, and motives enough to do what the characters do, yes Mamoru it's not involved, but so what?, this is a very entertaining production, and it reflects how life in that not far away Tokio is held, that means that is not only the characters of the first movies the only ones that live there, basically, this expand the universe of Patlabor series.

It's not perfect, but it's beautiful done, and please, do favor for you and don't watch the dub version, I get that is one of the weak points of the bad reviews.

Reviewed by borg-cy 10 / 10

The best Japanese procedural since Kurosawa's High & Low

Anyone who comes to this anime expecting cliché Japanese robot/monster fights is in for deep, deep disappointment. But if you are interested in one of the finest Japanese procedural films since Kurosawa's High & Low, watch this film.

I have no idea what inspired the creators of the otherwise pedestrian Patlabor series to create this almost noirish meditation on the grey, atomized life of modern Japanese. But by combining the deliberate pace of Kurosawa's masterwork with portraits of weathered bureaucrats and alienated beauties lost in in Tokyo's concrete jungle, this work envelopes one in Japanese life at the millennium. It's an extraordinary piece of immersion into a culture that is superficially like ours but in reality vastly different.

The plot i subside the point--it is the day to day details of the two lead detectives that are the true subject of this astonishing film.

Reviewed by cjhaacke 4 / 10

oh well...

I was completely jazzed to track down the third Patlabor movie; the first two are among my favorites.

The third lacked that certain something...namely the main characters from the first two, reduced to minor supporting roles at best. We don't see the progression of the characters like we did between 1 and 2, which, to be honest, was part of what I was looking forward to seeing in the third. They showed up, a little; I found it funny when Captain Goto, in a meeting, asked why he was there. I had to laugh, because I was asking the same question, as he seemed to me to be in the scene just so people knew it was Patlabour 3. If Section 2 didn't show up in some form, even a few scenes, people would not have been able to tell. So they did. In a few scenes.

I was disappointed.

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