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Tom Berenger as Major McCulley
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by adonnellytd 2 / 10


Wunderland..... more like wonder why I bothered.... ok.. so i'm no expert on reviews and this is my first, so forgive me if I go astray. I must agree with most of the reviews here concerning Tom Berenger.. for him to appear in this so called "movie" was a huge mistake, he must have been desperately in need of money to even consider this. First of all for this to be such an epic battle the movie in my opinion is far too short at 85 minutes (considering the whole production of this it maybe at least 60 minutes too long). I have sat through cheap budget movies before but this man o man was one of the worst. The acting was terrible and don't even get me started on the fake snow.... One minute they are walking in snow and you can see their breath and then in the next scene they are driving across a field with no snow on the ground while snow is falling. I use the word "snow" very loosely here as you can tell 100% that the falling snow is fake and is digitally input in to the scene (very badly). You also see some kind of "red flash" move across the sky in one scene which I still don't know what it was supposed to be. I have given it 2 stars only because I like Tom Berenger and he was the only reason I even looked at this movie and to see him go from movies like Sniper to this "rubbish" is a real shame....

Sorry Tom but this one was a big mistake.... I could go on and on but I think you get the point... You're wasting your time if you watch this movie.... best avoid it..

Reviewed by gustavvp 1 / 10

Oh my....

This is my first review ever..

Came into this movie not expecting much and attracted that Tom was in it. But boy should I have lower my expectations even further. Yes uniforms/wardrobe props look good. But not to blame the acting too much, they did what they could but with director and writer not making it easier for them.. the conversations the clich├ęs of platoon life is laughable, the combat strategies and the nonexistent will to live given the positioning of germans and response to an ambush... Well next time maybe the director should do something that does not contain any kind of group dynamic as he struggles to make it seem real, seen lots of movies with bad acting but still the content made it better, in Wunderland its the opposite.

Reviewed by stugtiger 1 / 10

Misses the target by 10,000 miles and never looks back

I went into this movie not expecting much and boy was I right the acting is terrible and really ruins this movie, the uniforms where good but don't expect much more than that. Don't let the other comments fool you it is a extravagant disaster, steer well clear of this movie, it is sad to see Tom, take part in such a laughable movie. Since when did any soldier having the rank of major fight in combat like this movie attempts to show. I stopped watching 15 mins and felt at ease afterwards there are far superior movies out there that actually have a decent story and realism such as Miracle at St. Anna or Downfall.

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