Wrong Turn 3: Left for Dead


Action / Horror

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 23%
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Tamer Hassan as Chavez
Charles Venn as Walter
Jake Curran as Crawford
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Michael O'Keefe 5 / 10

Some may leave for dead.

This franchise continues leaving a lot to be desired. So much room for potential never taken. Some special effects were clever, but most ho-hum. A group of friends rafting rapids and survivors of a crashed bus load of convicts fight for their lives in the deep back woods of West Virginia. A family of hideously deformed cannibals led by their inbred leader known as Three-Finger(Boris Illiev)stalk the group of lost travelers in the woods. Very easy to tell this film is budget challenged. The story does get a bit gory, but mostly is very predictable. My favorite scene is of a victim being sliced in thirds...head to crotch.

Cast members include: Tom Frederic, Janet Montgomery, Tamer Hassan, Emma Clifford and Gil Kolrin.

Reviewed by George Taylor 1 / 10


They should have stopped with the first, but no, obviously some easily entertained people out there are an audience for this garbage. In this case, a bunch of convicts being transported (shades of Precinct 13) have their bus crash so the cops and con's have to team up to battle the (still surviving horrible wounds) inbred morons who, still living in the lush woods of West Virginia, can't explain WHY they are cannibals. Dumb. Dumb. Dumb.

Reviewed by TheLittleSongbird 2 / 10

A deadly downturn

Judging from my other reviews, you would not think that horror films would be my thing, especially very gory ones. Actually aim to have a diverse taste in film, so seeing films from all decades and genres with no bias intended. Plus have seen my fair share of horror franchises where at least one film has been good.

Personally quite enjoyed the first two 'Wrong Turn' films, they weren't perfect or great but had a lot to recommend. The same cannot be said for 'Wrong Turn 3: Left for Dead', it contributed towards the 'Wrong Turn' series' decline and is one of the worst of the worst 'Wrong Turn' films. Its least bad assets are Tom Frederic, who at least tries, and moments of creepiness in the music when it wasn't being intrusive or discordant.

The rest of the cast are poor, they accentuate that their very sketchily developed characters are either bland, obnoxious or both and impossible to care for. Plus there are some extremely variable accents going on. Tamer Hassan is the biggest dishonourable mention here. While the script may not have been strong suits as such in the previous two films, they at least had moments. The writing here was just pure stilted clich├ęd cheese, nothing witty here.

While the stories were not perfect in the previous two films, being derivative and simplistic and the second film did have some dodgy moments in the first half too, they at least had atmosphere. Especially the first, where there was a lot of fun, tension-building, suspenseful claustrophobia and mystery that weren't quite as strongly delivered in the second (which still had atmosphere).

Story here also makes the mistake of being formulaic and over-simplified, and further suffers from having none of what made the previous two films work. Everything is just too cheap, too safe, too predictable and too clean. It had a decent premise to work from, but starts dull, un-scary and dumb and stays like that all the way instead of doing the thankful 180 that the second film did.

Visually, there is nothing slick, professional, inventive or atmospheric here. Particularly bad in this regard is the visual effects, the only thing that scary about them is how risible they are. The direction has no personality or professionalism of any kind, there isn't a sense of understanding the genre or how to overcome a less than lavish budget.

Overall, a series that started off promisingly takes a deadly downturn for the worst. 2/10 Bethany Cox

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