Wrong Turn 2: Dead End


Action / Horror / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 78%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 44%
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Patton Oswalt as Tommy
Henry Rollins as Dale Murphy
Crystal Lowe as Elena Miller
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Claudio Carvalho 7 / 10

A Replay of Many Other Movies – But with More Gore and Originality in the Deaths

In Greenbrier Back Country, West Virginia, the retired military Dale Murphy (Henry Rollins) is hosting a tough survivor show where the winner takes US$ 100,000.00. The proposal of the reality show is to survive in the woods in the most adverse conditions, following predetermined rules. Sooner the contestants find that they are really fighting to survive against a strong, sadistic and violent cannibalistic family with the appearance of monsters. Further, Colonel Dale discloses that many years ago, an abandoned pulp mill released chemical wastes on the creek, killing the animals and transforming the descendants of a local family in deformed mutants. Without animals to hunt or fish to catch, the next generation chases travelers to feed themselves.

"Wrong Turn 2: Dead End" has an unoriginal story that I have seen many times, and seems to be a replay of parts of many other movies, like for example "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre", "The Hills Have Eyes", "Timber Falls", "Wrong Turn" plus breasts of a sexy girl and a collection of clichés of the genre. However, this film is surprisingly good, having more gore and originality in the deaths than the usual; and works, hooking the attention of the viewer until the very last scene. The death of Kimberly Caldwell in the beginning gives a great introduction of how bloody this film is. When I see this type of movie, I try to guess what will happen to the potential victims, if they will survive or die, and the gore resolution of this movie is good. The make-up and the special effects are impressive. In my opinion, fans of the genre will not be disappointed with this film. My vote is seven.

Title (Brazil): "Floresta do Mal" ("Forest of the Evil")

Reviewed by George Taylor 1 / 10

More of the same - only stupider.

From the very beginning where a pinhead city dweller (are there any other kinds) gets her lips bitten off after she totally clobbers one of the three inbred cannibals (who survived an axe to the chest in the first movie), while trying to give CPR, and then gets cut CLEANLY IN TWO (ridiculous) with very little effluvia coming out, her corpse dragged away for dinner... before the rest of the stupid fodder for a reality TV show arrives to get killed, this is even dumber than the first. I'm sure the SFX guys had a great time, but really. This is just a moronic Friday the 13th for the Millenials.

Reviewed by TheLittleSongbird 6 / 10

The series is not yet dead

Judging from my other reviews, you would not think that horror films would be my thing, especially very gory ones. Actually aim to have a diverse taste in film, so seeing films from all decades and genres with no bias intended. Plus have seen my fair share of horror franchises where at least one film has been good.

Found myself surprisingly enjoying 'Wrong Turn' when slowly working my way through the films. The second film, and first sequel, 'Wrong Turn 2: Dead End' is not quite as good but is easily one of the better sequels and films in the series and perhaps the only one of the sequels to be nearly equal to the first. 'Wrong Turn 2: Dead End' is bloodier and gorier than 'Wrong Turn', with the in-jokes, one-liners and put-downs the dialogue is wittier and less cheesy than that in 'Wrong Turn' and it is just as fun. The ending also works better here, it is contrived somewhat but at least there is much more of a sense of a film-knowing-how-to-end-it ending.

At the same time, 'Wrong Turn 2: Dead End' does lack the tension-building, suspenseful claustrophobia and mystery of the first film and it is let down by some of the first half being dull and dumb with some of the dialogue being too self-conscious. The story is as simplistic and derivative and the characters as thinly sketched as before.

Things pick up significantly in the second half, where things become more thrilling, inventive, fun and skin-crawling. Visually, it is imaginatively and slickly shot if not quite as atmospheric as the first film due to times of being too clean. The setting is wonderfully mysterious and creepy and the effects and make-up are as appropriately horrifying as one would expect. The music has some genuine eeriness and Joe Lynch directs very competently with little time wasted after a slightly too overlong beginning.

Despite the lack of development for the characters, the acting is not bad at all. Henry Rollins and Erica Leerhsen are especially well-cast and are just as ballsy as the three leads in the first film.

Overall, decently solid and shows that the 'Wrong Turn' series is not yet dead. A dead end this is not. 6/10 Bethany Cox

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