Wrong Cops


Action / Comedy / Crime

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 44%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 38%
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Eric Wareheim as Officer de Luca
Steve Howey as Sandy
Marilyn Manson as David Dolores Frank
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by JakJak46 10 / 10

My favourite film and I don't know way

This films speak to to my love of nonsensical dry slightly dark humour. This films progression and self-reference to director himself quite evident. It also coincides with the directors personality, which is don't take me seriously and let me create. The other part of this film makes it my favourite is this character's. Mark Burnham in my books does this great job in playing the serious and stubborn depressed looking cop in this absurd kind of circumstance. his reactions, or lack of, make some great awkward cringey moments but I just love and it makes me laugh. The supporting cast do a great job of adding to the absurdity of the situation. Normally exacerbating it or having to deal with Mark Burnham's character actions/reactions.

Reviewed by thisseatofmars 7 / 10

"Write a book about what?!"

There's no plot to "Wrong Cops." It... just sort of unfolds, like a flower blooming, then withering, then rotting.

The official synopsis claims that "Wrong Cops" is set in a future where crime has been eradicated —but you'd never know this was "SF" by watching this film cold. "Wrong" looks like it was shot during a sunny day in New Jersey or someplace.

Due to this lack of structure, "Wrong" has a anemic, listless, aimless feel, which makes viewing tedious at times. Overall, however, the lack of structure (or maybe the structure I'm not picking up on) adds to the absurdity of the comedy, making it truly funny in places. Additionally, an otherworldly soundtrack of messy, electronic beats strings the movie together, giving it its own identity. I love the music. It makes this movie feel like it's set in another dimension. One character comments on it, suggesting that they may be in Hell: "We have invisible flames around us. You can't see them, but we all have invisible flames around us."

Marilyn Manson has a small role as a maligned high school kid and he's very funny. I've always respected him after watching his insightful interview on "Bowling for Columbine," and he seems like a cool guy, someone who doesn't take himself too seriously. That's the attitude of this film, too. You just laugh at the oddness of it all, and don't get annoyed or angry when the plot doesn't make sense. I've seen other user reviews refer to this as a movie for weed-smokers. I don't smoke pot, but I can see this as perfect pothead theatre.

Parts of the movie that drag tend to be scenes with Eric Wareheim and Arden Myrin. I don't know them from other work—both are comedians, apparently—but the scenes with them (especially Wareheim) kind of suck. Wareheim getting sprayed with pepper spray was slooooow and his comedy mannerisms seem to be him just over enunciating "n" and "t" sounds, like he's doing a cruel impression of a severely autistic adolescent. Props to Mark Burnham, however. He's got real charisma as the bullheaded lead, and the guy playing "Sunshine" looks a lot like Edward Norton. That's funny to me, somehow.


Reviewed by SillyGayBoy 10 / 10

I loved it so much

This movie is both hilarious and ridiculous. It is totally weird and insane and totally funny at the same time.

I was so happy when I watched this movie. I bet stoners would love this movie too, just seems like something they would. It has the ability to surprise and be funny and fun and be totally weird at the same time.

The characters are doofuses but they are wonderful doofuses that get into ridiculous shanannigans with each other.

They do stuff that is inappropriate but twist it around to make it funny and I like how they do it. I don't give spoilers just see it. It made me so happy.

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