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Anna Hutchison as Emily Kirk
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by bill_dozzer 8 / 10

I think you all are being unfair with this movie.

I've seen "Duel" about 10 times and it's true, "Wrecker" many times is identical. I love the fresh remake, since "Duel" now looks very old (1971), and the two sexy girls are competent at the job. Spielberg is the only one who should be concerned about the "copyrights" and, it doesn't look like he is, so Wrecker is definitely worth watching.

Reviewed by Michael Ledo 3 / 10

You left me to die

Two young women traveling from Washington to Palm Springs take a back road called "Devil's Pass" and unfortunately that was all I needed to know. We end up with a cat and mouse game with a wreaker hauling a Ford wagon vs a Mustang on winding roads. This lasts just about the entire film except for the lunch break. I was hoping for something fun like another "Wolf Creek" where the driver of the bad guy vehicle has some personality, an improvement on the genre. Nope.

Guide: Plenty of F-bombs. No sex or nudity.

Reviewed by Wuchak 6 / 10

An updating of "Duel" with two young women as the protagonists

RELEASED IN 2015 (2017 in the USA) and written & directed by Micheal Bafaro, "Wrecker" is a road/thriller with elements of horror about two young women traveling through the Cascades who are targeted by a malevolent semi tow truck driver.

People give this movie the lowest of ratings just because it's a remake of the Spielberg classic from 1971, albeit with obvious changes. The plot and a few scenes are taken almost verbatim from "Duel" (e.g. the trucker deceptively waving the girls to pass and the diner sequence) while some scenes are similar, but different (e.g. the cliff scene) and some are totally new (e.g. the cop sequence).

Thankfully, the movie has the same realistic tone as "Duel" without venturing into the cartoonish implausibilities of the Joy Ride flicks, especially the two over-the-top sequels. The BC locations (standing in for Washington) are magnificent; needless to say, great cinematography. I liked the way the girls aren't always babbling back-and-forth; there are several long quiet stretches, just like in real-life traveling.

Anna Hutchison is winsome as the main protagonist, but a little on the play-it-safe side, which ties into the distressing climax. Andrea Whitburn plays the somewhat wild child and looks great (I KNEW what happened to her; it's kinda obvious). Interestingly, the aging waitress (Jennifer Koenig) has a superior figure to both of 'em.

While "Wrecker" loses points for being unoriginal and a couple of awkwardly edited scenes, it should be appreciated by fans of "Duel," "Joy Ride" (2001) and "Breakdown" (1997).

THE FILM RUNS 83 minutes and was shot in the Kamloops area of British Columbia, Canada.

GRADE: C+/B- (5.5/10)

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