Wrath of the Titans


Action / Adventure / Fantasy

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 25%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 49%
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Rosamund Pike as Andromeda
Lily James as Korrina
Ralph Fiennes as Hades
Liam Neeson as Zeus
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Leofwine_draca 6 / 10


WRATH OF THE TITANS is another 3D blockbuster and a follow up to CLASH OF THE TITANS. I enjoy these movies, even though the storytelling is little more than a joining of dots in between the next CGI action set-piece. This one sees Perseus retired to live the life of a peaceful fisherman, until Hades and Ares concoct a plot to unleash the father of the gods, Cronos, from his underworld stasis. It's another simple effort about the hunt for a magical item and a race against time, and it feels very much like an updated Ray Harryhausen movie with CGI replacing the old stop motion effects. I've never been a fan of Worthington but you get plenty of familiar faces fleshing out the cast here, from a returning Neeson and Fiennes to Rosamund Pike's warrior woman and Toby Kebbell as the comic relief. I saw this in 3D and the effects are fine, not quite top-tier, but there's plenty of depth and a few 'duck' moments. The CGI is very good and culminates in an excellent pitched battle against Cronos, who could have come straight from a mega-budget kaiju movie.

Reviewed by Filipe Neto 3 / 10

Lots of action and CGI, stinking fake, without any good plot behind.

I'm always afraid of sequels. I'm not the only one, there are even several actors who don't like it. This film explains the reason: the're almost always worse than the previous film which, in this case, wasn't particularly good. And although I realize that the title is a reference to an older film (that is, this is a sequel to a remake), it remains a poor choice for a title, but that's the least relevant criticism here. If the first film seemed insipid and filled script failures with a CGI avalanche, it had at least the virtue of having a history closely related to Greek mythology. This movie lost that, preferring to create something new that gave continuity to the previous story. It's a legitimate choice... but it failed squarely.

The plot takes place ten years after the events of "Clash of the Titans". Perseus lives a mortal life with his son when he's called by his father, Zeus, the king of the gods, to aid in a problem with the instability of the walls of Tartarus. Soon after, this problem disappears, no one ever talks about it, and the gods turn against each other in an internal war, when Perseus will participate to avoid the return of Cronus, a primordial god, father of Zeus, and basically prevent the end of the world. I found this highly predictable plot plodded like a bad patchwork. A disaster completed with insipid and uninspired dialogues, several cliches reused from other action epics (the use of slow motion in battle scenes, for example), and such an amateur editing and post-production work which seem to have been done by trainees, in their first fifteen days of office! It's perfectly clear, throughout the film, a brutal pace difference, with moments where everything happens very quickly and others where the action creeps like honey in the Summer. If we cannot blame editors for these pace differences, we can only point the finger at the awkward director Jonathan Liebesman, who perhaps did better by dedicating his time to filming home movies with puppies. It should be noted that neither he, nor the scriptwriting team, had any part, as far as I could tell, of the previous film.

About the cast I can say that there are great actors who manage, with great talent and dedication, to make the film not a total waste of time. Liam Neeson is flawless and delivers clean service to the audience; Ralph Fiennes did a good job, perhaps even better than in the previous film; Sam Worthington seems to have learned from the mistakes he made in the previous film but remains stupid and presumptuous; Bill Nighy was very good and gives some light moments and situational comedy; Alexa Davalos gave way to Rosamund Pike, who made a nimble and brave queen, something that I really enjoyed because she's a talented actress who only used to do unemotional and cold characters.

The film reproduced the formula "if the script does not work, drown it with CGI and action to make it work". When will filmmakers realize that CGI has become ordinary? It's no longer possible to build a good movie only with lots of visuals and brutal action scenes. There needs to be a good story behind all that, and this movie just doesn't have it. I could tell about the unrealistic way I watch the fight scenes, as this seemed to me totally choreographed... but even that loses relevance if script's not there. It's a movie that isn't worth watching more than once, just to see how bad it is.

Reviewed by freydis-e 2 / 10

Incredibly annoying and lame

Why do people want to take the characters from Greek myth and make up different stories for them, particularly stupid and unoriginal ones like this? It's understandable in series like Xena, which run on so long they run out of sensible story ideas, but in a feature film?? Of course movies do change stories around, even with historical subjects, but this plot makes as much sense as having George Washington, trying to rescue Queen Elizabeth I who's been kidnapped by the Emperor Nero. Yes, it's that stupid.

Almost nothing is good here. The casting is ridiculous, from Liam Neeson as a kind of Irish Zeus, who's been living in the USA a bit too long, on down. The acting ranges from bad to appalling, with even the likes of Edgar Ramirez as Ares (a ludicrous god to choose for chief bad guy – someone's been watching too much Xena, where at least they had Kevin Smith who could almost act) being way out-hammed by the ghastly scenery-chewing Rosamund Pike. Oh yes, and why did they take Andromeda on the adventure when she couldn't do anything at all (except over-act)? Of course – to have someone around to rescue – silly me! Even usually reliable folk like Bill Nighy seemed to have given up trying on this one.

The story managed to be both silly and clichéd at the same time and contained nothing remotely of interest. The script was ghastly, mixing fantasy-speak: 'I am he!' with lines like: 'You gotta be kidding me.' The one good (well, not too bad) thing here was the effects. Lava-monsters are pretty easy to do, but winged horse Pegasus was actually quite impressive, though his colour-scheme was odd. This would have been a rock solid one star, as much of a waste of time as you're likely to find, but the effects get it up to two. It's a shame so many film-makers nowadays seem to think effects are all that matters. They must have spent a fortune on them here, surely enough to pay for a decent lead actor and a whole host of writers with better skills and ideas than this. Come to think of it, despite Clash of the Titans, no-one's ever done a really decent version of the original Perseus story, which is about a million times better than this rubbish.

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