World Trade Center


Action / Drama / History / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 68%
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Nicolas Cage as John McLoughlin
Michael Shannon as Dave Karnes
Jon Bernthal as Christopher Amoroso
Viola Davis as Mother in Hospital
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by witster18 8 / 10

Truly offended. The Negative Reviews De-Bunked very quickly

First, this isn't a political film, this is a character-driven film. I hate I have to even touch on the politics. The trade centers went down. Fact. Because of terrorists, fact. THey killed 3,000 people in 3 hours. Fact.

The film doesn't show the towers falling down. The film doesn't mention anything about why, who, or what motivated anyone. It focuses on a small group of men, risking their lives to save others in the light of tragedy, and in the process, creates onE of the best dramatic duo performances of the decade.

Cage and Pena are truly incredible here! Undoubtedly the best performance from Pena and Probably the second best performance or even equal to Leaving Las Vegas for Cage. Tour-De-Force acting. Surprised Michael didn't get an Oscar nom here.

I can see why anti-American's would hate this film. It shows everything that is great about Americans and New Yorkers in 2 Hours.

It's quite simply the best 6.0 film on IMDb, and more deserving of 8/10 imo. 81/100 is where I'm scoring it. It's not the best film I've ever seen but it's a very strong film, and easily top 10 for the year it was released. The film is about the moment, not any motivation or reaction. Period. Get a life people.

Watch this movie if you haven't. Strike every 1-2 star rating as American-hate - No movie with these types of performances should even sniff those low-scores... the movie doesn't have an agenda but anyone who would score it a 1-2, with this quality, most assuredly does(you can take that to the bank). 1 or 2? I mean seriously? Did you even watch the movie? No. THey didn't. And if they did, I couldn't trust any other review they'd ever given/written. Moronic.

Very. Good. Movie. At the bottom of Stone's Top-5 imo.Here is how good the movie is... the worst thing about it... is Maria Bello's contact lenses.

Reviewed by cinemajesty 6 / 10

9/11/01: In God We Trust

Movie Review: "World Trade Center" (2006)

Just a weighty theme as the 2001 New York Twin Tower Attacks as filming material to adapt from first-hand, eye-witness, in ruins lying real-life characters of John McLoughlin and Will Jimeno, giving face by actors Nicolas Cage and Michael Pena respectively under the seduced direction of Oliver Stone, who takes back his political controversy by embracing a close-to Steven Spielberg melodramatic approach to give a nation justice for injustice in believing in the pursuit of happiness that the New York belief in "Excelsior" (always upright) becomes a domestic maxim.

Many characters get a slice of the screenplay written by Andrea Berloff, few succeed to come full circle; as the leading wives of the under tower-debris stuck husbands portrayed by actresses Maria Bello and Maggie Gyllenhaal in distress but no challenge, who deserve to worry about an uncertain future before getting relieved for life. Only the action-for-reaction oriented characters of Dave Karnes and Scott Strauss, appearing in a minor role actors Michael Shannon, who's character drops the job at the office to go on the search for survivors, and Stephen Dorff as professionally trained firefighter had the opportunity to make "World Trade Center" a movie worthwhile for the ages to come.

The stark black cinematography by Seamus McGarvey in the underground ruins of the twin towers has moments of claustrophobia and suspense, yet when director Oliver Stone became unable, more to say getting the facts across his producer Moritz Borman and the MPAA, to demonstrate a suicide of physical broken Port Authority Police Officer between the two stuck characters McLoughlin & Jimeno and further let the biblical characters of Jesus appear as shining light of hope, it becomes clear that the picture has been compromised, leaves impressive first 24 minutes of anticipating quality cinema for the rest to stay away from the silver screen and actually read the reports against forgetting of an human-made disaster beyond proportions.

© 2017 Felix Alexander Dausend (Cinemajesty Entertainments LLC)

Reviewed by ironhorse_iv 6 / 10

I can clearly say, 'United We Stand'- that 2006's 'United 93' was indeed the better movie about 9/11 than this movie. Yet, this film isn't half bad. It was just alright.

Oliver Stone's 2006 film, 'World Trade Center' follows the close biographical survival story of two Port Authority policemen, John McLouglin (Nicholas Cage) & William Jimeno (Michael Pena), whom became trapped under the rumble of the once-World Trade Center, after the skyscraper collapse, during the events of the 9/11 Terrorist Attack on New York City. Without spoiling the movie, too much, although, it's been 5 years since the tragic event, when this movie was made. I still think, films like this, were greenlight, a little too soon. After all, there was still an empty lot in Ground Zero, where WTC once stood; haven't yet, been replace by One World Trade Center that open in 2014. Another thing, although, producers of the film met with all relevant September 11 victims groups before production began to inform them of the intention of the film. New York City absolutely prohibited any filmmaking of any kind about Sept. 11 in the Big Apple besides the New York Port Authority Building, not wanting any recreation of destruction or chaos to be display for the public. The filmmakers were not even allowed to film actors looking upward toward where the towers would be. Instead, those shots were created in sound stages in Los Angeles, using limited CGI or badly intercut, archive stock footage. Hints, why some of the buildings that they use as a city background look a little too small in height, and far apart for an ideal depiction of NYC. Sadly, even some real-life characters had to be fictional, due to family members, not wanting their demise love-ones names, to be portray in a bad light. It really hurts, historic accuracy and somewhat confused others, such was the circumstance of supporting characters, like Marine Sgt. Dave Karnes (Michael Shannon) whom some viewers saw as fiction. In this case, he was really real, much like the other Marine Sgt. Jason Thomas (William Mapother), whom happens to be African-American, in real-life. Meanwhile, there were also plenty of examples of characters deaths, being omitted due to demands of love-ones, not wanting it; which in return, make the portrayal of some characters, unfinished. It even made some characters seem like they took their own life. Its warning sides like this that shows, that the wounds of that day, have not yet healed in NYC. Already, the idea of Hollywood profiting off, a tragic event for studio gain, was a little inky & not cool. It didn't help that the money earn from this film, was not given to, many charities of the victims, involves in this recreated storytelling. Sadly, I don't think, that was the case, with this movie. Still, regardless of that, I found Oliver Stone to be respectful enough to the real-life story, not to delve too much into misguided conspiracy theories like he did with 1991's 'JFK'. Although, it does depict a few events that blatantly contradict official explanations of what happen in real-life, such as the film's showing of TV footage of the precipitous collapse of WTC 7 and the attack on Israel. However, I'm willing to let that past, due to the fact that confusion was very rampant, that day. Glad, there was little-to-no political themes. At least, not until his later film, 2008's 'W.'. Another thing that I found alright about this movie, is the acting. While, I wouldn't say, this is Cage's best role, but it's far from his worst. Cage is fine, here. He honestly tries his best, by focusing on accurately speaking with a New York accent. And to also capture the fear and claustrophobia of McLoughlin's ordeal, Cage spent hours in a sensory-deprivation tank. So mad props to him for that, even if Michael Pena still out-acted him, in this film. Pena really look like he was in the brick of death, with his pale face of fear and pain, even with his face, cover in mostly darkness, during the second & third act. That's how amazing, he was. Given that, I have to say, the supporting cast was equally as good, but if I have to nitpick, I felt that the filmmakers didn't give female actress, Maggie Gyllenhaal and Maria Bello as the two-police officers' wives, Allison Jimeno & Donna McLoughlin, much to work with. Overall: While, not as good as other buried alive trapped films like director, Danny Boyle's 2010's film '127 Hours', which had better pacing, editing, and music. Given the epic intense violence of the Towers' falls and the thoroughness of destruction evident at Ground Zero, it was still interesting enough to watch a movie about people trying to survive during its aftermath, even if it's super pitch dark & hard to see. Much like director Paul Greengrass movie, 'United 93' about United Airlines Flight 93 — which crashed in a Pennsylvania field after passengers apparently tried to overpower the terrorist hijackers, also released in 2007, the movie will also be very subjective and hard to watch for some, emotionally. Nevertheless, at least, 2006's 'World Trade Center' is more accuracy, watchable & respectful, than more recent films about 9/11, like director, Martin Guigui's film '9/11'. Check 'World Trade Center' in its place of that crap. That's for sure, but if you have a choice. See 'United 93'. Now, that's a powerful movie.

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