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Julia Roberts as Isabel
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by magnusshadowhunterslightwood 9 / 10

Not perfect, but damn well close to it

First of all, I gotta say that I read the book. I absolutely loved the book. Now, I wasn't going to raise my expectations for the movie adaptation because we all know how movies disappoint in comparison to the book. Wonder however, stays true to the book, which is its major redeeming point. I thought it would be some modified, really boring movie that would make me sigh throughout the whole 2 hours as I pointed out key flaws and differences between the movie and book (because I'm one of those people), but I loved it. The acting was INCREDIBLE, the story stayed true to the book (they only left out a flew plot points rather than invent their own) and it was overall a great experience. When I got out of the cinema, so many people were crying or said they had cried and I was overjoyed to find out that I wasn't the only person who felt touched. The child actors are fantastic, but overall there wasn't one bad actor. IF you were considering seeing this movie but weren't sure because you thought it might be boring, trust me, it's really worth the watch!!

Reviewed by Scarlet Nouveau 5 / 10

Whoever has been bullied knows this is an unrealistic melodrama at its worst.

On the surface, this movie seems beautiful - little boy with deformities is bullied at school for this appearance, but his strength and character make him go ahead and he suddenly has lots of friends and people at school supporting him.

That's not exactly what happens in real life, and that's what pissed me off.

I was bullied during my childhood and teenagehood, both in middle and high school, only because I was the classroom nerd. I didn't even have a deformity and I was tortured by verbal and physical abuse, and the children were relentless and merciless. Not a single one dared have some empathy for me or tried to talk to me. They'd be more and more cruel everyday, and the school's principal didn't give a damn about my situation either. That's because I was only a nerd! Now imagine what it'd be like for a child with a facial deformity in real life.

I know this movie wants to be motivating and wants to spread the message about being yourself and respecting other. I also see solid performances by Julia Roberts and Owen Wilson. But this movie is not realistic. Bullying is much worse than that and bullied kids suffer much more than that.

Reviewed by grahamcoxx 6 / 10


Let me preface this by saying I did not have high expectations for this film. I went in to the theater expecting to see a mostly faithful to the book, kind of charming, 8/10 family movie. This is not what I received. What I got was far worse. Now this is definitely not the worst movie I've seen, not by a long shot. But I think that it is just so unfaithful to the book to the point where it completely missed the main conflict and emotional moments in favor of Apple product placement and Minecraft.

There are some thing I thought it did right, for example when Jack realizes Auggie heard what he said to Julian. I thought the editing and cinematography in that moment was very good. Unfortunately the bad outweighs the good on this one.

My main problems were the acting (particularly the child acting,) and the writing. The lines for the kids are just things no kid would ever say. It could work if the kids delivery was perfect, but it isn't.

Now for my final, and main problem with the movie. How unfaithful it is to the book. There are so many things they did wrong I can't grasp all of them, but I certainly will try. 1. Summer. Summer's character is completely ruined. They get rid of so much of her she no longer has a personality. 2. Daisy. When Daisy dies we don't care at all. In the book they establish how Daisy always is there for Auggie no matter what which is why it's such a big deal when she dies. In the movie you barley remembered she's there until she dies, and the family moves on in one scene. 3. The side characters (Particularly the dad, Amos, and Charlotte.) They dumb them down to such a level that they resemble the original characters in name only. The dad (Owen Wilson) Doesn't act. Amos (Ty Consiglio) barley has a personality, and has almost no impact. And Charlotte (Elle McKinnon) is completely changed and, honestly, an obnoxious character.

So those are my problems with Wonder. It's not the worst movie ever, and it does do some things right. But it is so unfaithful in an attempt to modernize the book, and cram it in to a 2 hour run time it loses the original charm and message.

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