Woman Walks Ahead


Biography / Drama / History / Western

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 54%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 97%
IMDb Rating 6.1 10 858


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Jessica Chastain as Catherine Weldon
Sam Rockwell as Silas Groves
Ciarán Hinds as James McLaughlin
Michael Nouri as Karl Valentine
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Polar-Night 8 / 10

A Poetic Approach to A Dark Material

Can Jessica Chastain do any wrong? Every project she chooses has beauty and sophistication.

I'm saddened by the ignorant and imprudent reviews which I read this week. Especially someone calling it "listless". The ongoing hype on action movies and the many dialogues in movies have seemingly numbed the senses of the average moviegoers as they cannot anymore feel without touch, hear without words and see without movement.. The movie contains so many touching moments, relatable characters, an emotional bond between the leads, a sensitive approach to a dark material and a stunning cinematography which will make me watch the movie again on the big screen.

Since the topic on Native American rights, Standing Rock and pipelines is as relevant as ever, this movie is of great importance and should not be treated as a forgettable indie film - Shame on the so-called critics.

The Native Americans are treated and depicted respectfully by giving them character traits, letting them speak in their own language and showing their bond with nature and their understanding of life. In all movies about Native Americans which I watched, there has always been strong violence, humiliation and vulgarism. Noteworthily is the final shot of a white horse dancing upon hearing a gun shot accompanied by Jessica Chastain's painting-like suffering on the ground - with her loose and long hair which emphasises her long-awaited freedom ! So happy to finally watch a female Western about Native Americans, which is as beautiful as a Romantic painting and as touching as an elegy.

Reviewed by amjfouilhoux 5 / 10

Not good, not bad, but very "kitsch"

The heroin is an attractive, a little whiney socialite , wearing elegant dresses, and the the great chief is a tall, handsome, muscular and still young lonesome hero, They are far from the real characters : Mrs Weldon was a middle aged fearless activist , and Sitting Bull a broken , aged, former great chief. Frankly, the approach of this story is not credible, even if the actors do their best for Bright colors, wonderful lanscapes ,crisp costumes (a real fashion show) In conclusion a grade-B movie from the fifties : just entertaining I prefer to watch again the harsh and realistic movie "Bury my heart at wonded knee"

Reviewed by muhmmadyounus 10 / 10


Susanna White, the director of WOMAN WALKS AHEAD creates a movie that takes historical facts & transforms them into a stunningly beautiful tale of search, discovery, redemption & the powerful reality of creativity & defeat. Jessica Chastain gives a deeply human portrait of a woman on the edge of a new world where nothing is as it should be and she discovers what is most important and significant for all individuals seeking a higher truth. The acting across the board is excellent- Susanna White has a very special way with actors that brings out the best in them without any overcompensation of "acting." This movie is so beautiful shot & edited it could be viewed as a silent film loaded with natural physical beauty (New Mexico) that overwhelms the eyes, brain & heart. I suggest anyone who cares about the future of real movies, directed with an original sensibility sorely lacking in most movies today, submit to this courageous & heartfelt exploration of indigenous people & a single white soul lost in history and revealed in WOMAN WALKS AHEAD.

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