Wolf Creek 2


Action / Horror / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 49%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 39%
IMDb Rating 6.1 10 15104


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Ryan Corr as Paul Hammersmith
John Jarratt as Mick Taylor
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by FlashCallahan 8 / 10

I am a pig shooter......

Mick Taylor's back, and he's bought another 'based on a true story with him'. Well it says based, probably the truth is that a lot of people go missing, and are never seen again, and on the odd occasion someone gets questioned about it so the makers can do pretty much what they want with the rest of the story.

Taylor this time is more Hands on with the film, appearing right from the beginning, which is a mix of The Hitcher (the eighties version), and of course, Hostel.

It's more of the same. We start with a very gory prologue involving some cops who get their just desserts, and then Taylor stalks two German travellers, one whom gets away, and bumps into a British tourist, who foolishly gives them a lift (one thing I've learned from this is to never, ever stop for someone who appears extremely distressed, because chances are, they are being chased by a serial killer)' and inadvertently becomes Micks next prey.

Then from there on in, its a cat and mouse movie, chase after chase, with everyone coming into contact with the Brit or Taylor, being killed in weird and wonderful ways.

The realism of the first movie is gone, that was all about the sense of dread in an unknown place, this is going for the Boogyman route, emulating Freddy, Jason et al on several occasion.

Replacing seriousness are flying Kangaroos (almost), The Mick Taylor singalong, and a very extended quiz show for sub finale.

Sounds crass I know, but its a lot of fun, kill keeping on the right side of horror, and turning it into parody. Ignore the fact that it's 'based on a true story' (apparently one of the characters is in a mental health hospital somewhere in the UK), and enjoy it for the throwback shlockfest that it is.

Miles better than Neighbours....

Reviewed by kclipper 7 / 10

"Torture Porn" with an erratic but funny John Jarrett

If you appreciate the modern gore-fest material that throughout the past 10 years or so has erupted into a genre I like to appropriately refer to as "torture porn", you will enjoy the antics of this extreme Australian indie horror sequel in the vain of "Hostel" and "Wrong Turn". I know what you're thinking. How many times can they reproduce the same nonsense, and your assumptions are correct. Innocent hikers and tourists end up in the wrong areas in the wrong situations and end up victims of some cannibal wacko who wants to ruin their weekend complete with sawed off appendages and excruciating scenes of mutilation and terror. Horror has come along way since "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre", but films like these seem to push towards exceeding the limit, if there is one in our desensitized generation.

In this warped film you will observe a brilliantly brutal display of anti-authority abuse like never before in the opening sequence, which earns this flick a six point review instantly. John Jarrett's performance is annoying, appalling, but hilarious at the same time. This is nothing like the first "Wolf Creek" that is generally "Crocodile Dundee" meets Ted Bundy. This combines a really twisted sense of humor in Jarrett's performance with a political ideology associated with the deep Australian outback's retaliation against the historical British prison colony of the late 1700's. It seems that Jarrett's character is holding a racist grudge against anyone "foreign", especially of English or German descent who wanders into his territory and challenges his views of torturing women and hacking up helpless tourists.

This sickeningly blends every demented aspect of the serial killer-just-for-fun mentality just to please audiences of "shock value" cinema, but pulls it off with twisted comic relief (for instance that kangaroo/truck scene). No one escapes Jarrett's world, where his victim's never get out alive, and the cinematic capture of the desert-like outback contains a feel of constant entrapment. John Jarrett's rant can become a chore to sit through towards the end, and a Q/A torture scene drags on a tad too long, but fans of this twisted genre can kick back, throw a shrimp on the barbie and get their money's worth for sure.

Reviewed by GL84 8 / 10

Far better than expected sequel

Hiking through the Australian outback, a pair of hitchhikers find themselves targeted by a psychotic serial killer which manages to ensnare another local into their encounter with the madman and begins a series of brutal back-and-forth games throughout the Outback.

This was a decent if slightly flawed follow-up. Among the better qualities here is the fact that this one decidedly enhances a crucial aspect of the previous entry in that the action with the killer is incredibly fun. From the beginning where the extended hassling from the police and the final outcome of that encounter in the bushes to the series of fine vehicular torments he puts them through with the rather toying he'll pick them up only to leave or the series of utterly thrilling high-speed car chases through the Outback roads that give this a truly engaging feel with all the high quality action displayed. From there, this one manages to feature even more overt and brutal kills that bring this one into far more chilling territory here as the ruthlessness he exposes gives this one plenty of excessively graphic kills. The fact that this one goes for quite the fun time with the main killer here is quite enjoyable, managing to not only be utterly chilling in his portrayal of the killer but also to make for some fun while he goes through the torments and games he plays. Those come off not only as barbaric and cruel but also insanely fun due to the relaxed and carefree nature he has during these scenes which makes them far more fun than expected and adds a strong outcome to these scenes by making it enjoyable to be with him during these scenes that don't have any real horror to them. It adds to the likable qualities on display that hold it up nicely over the few minor issues that hold this one down somewhat. The film's biggest issue is the rather lengthy and extended time it takes to do something so the pacing to this one is a tad haphazard. The opening encounter with the policemen runs too long, the hitchhikers lost in the Outback is torture to get through and the whole affair has an air that really goes on too long and easily could've been trimmed somewhat. The other issue is the rather goofy-looking and silly CGI used for the kangaroo massacre on the freeway which looks so ridiculous and comical during supposedly a frightening scene that both the concept and momentum of the scene is lost due to the out-of-place effect compared to the more naturalistic efforts used elsewhere. These here are all that really hold it back.

Rated Unrated/R: Extreme Graphic Violence, Extreme Graphic Language and violence-against-animals.

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