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Felissa Rose as Sage Hawthorne
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by The Couchpotatoes 1 / 10

We have a new winner for worst movie ever

This is going to be my 904th review on IMDb. I watched my share of bad movies, some really bad movies but I think, no I'm sure, I found a new worst-movie-ever. It's almost unbelievable somebody can make such a bad movie. Everything, and I mean every single aspect of film making, was wrong and bad in this movie. Some would call it a B-movie but that's an issult to B-movies. If it has to be called something it should be a Z-movie, but then a really bad Z-movie. The acting was just terrible. I would suggest not giving up on your day job before trying to make it in the film world. Within These Walls is like watching a bad porn, where the acting is always bad and irrelevant, but in a bad porn at least at one point you get some satisfaction. A thing you will never get with this movie. Kelsey Zukowski, the main character, must be one of the worst actresses I ever saw. But she was not alone. Every single other actor in this movie was beyond bad. I don't know how they managed it to find only bad actors. The director must have an eye for that, like he has an eye in making utter garbage. Even the music and soundtrack was just awful. The sound editor was sometimes just sleeping or on drugs apparently because even that was not right and let's be honest that's not the most difficult job in the cinema industry. I always watch a movie till the end when I start watching one. It's one of my rules to have a honest opinion, no matter how bad it is. But this time I really suffered. I feel like a sado-masochist. Sadist for making my wife watching this garbage until the end and masochist for doing it to myself. I will probably watch alot more bad movies but I think this one will stay for long on the throne of worst movies ever. I didn't say anything about the story yet so here you go: It's painful for your eyes. You were warned not watching this.

Reviewed by haematophiliac 1 / 10

Bad, really bad

From the start you can tell it's bad, the unconvincing acting, bad camera angles and horrible background music, like sandpaper on your skin.

Reviewed by joshua169 7 / 10

Good - and I'm not the only one who think so

Contrasting my opinion, (that this film is good) with the only other one here as of 5/4/18 that it is "Bad, really bad", I had to wonder was it only me? Was it only me who found the acting quite good, the storying interesting and suspenseful, the central idea and the story fresh enough to be truly enjoyable? Is this a film that is well worth watching - as I believe, or like "sandpaper on your skin" as that reviewer does. Was this a horror film only I could love? I am easily amused - reader beware. So I sought other opinions. I'm pleased to report that every outside review I could find (not just those listed here) agrees with me. All the reviews were positive and some were very positive. FWIW.

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