Biography / Fantasy / Horror / Mystery / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 14%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 40%
IMDb Rating 5.4 10 18143


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Angus Sampson as John Hansen
Jason Clarke as Dr. Eric Price
Helen Mirren as Sarah Winchester
Sarah Snook as Marion Marriott
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Lakisha Ferguson 6 / 10

Pretty standard chiller

I saw this during matinee it was worth the $8... Some of the spooky parts were indeed spooky. Not amazing, but not horrendous

Reviewed by mtarants 6 / 10

Visually quaint, a good non-exorcism date horror flick

While I went to see it alone, I would recommend this for an edgier date for folks who dislike slasher and exorcism flicks. I'd sit through this one holding someone's hand, or burrowing my nose into someone's shoulder, but mostly because of the few jump scares and some not too bad moments of suspense.

I would like it so much more if it did not call back to "Thirteen Ghosts" so much in my mind. I liked the main character, the protagonist Doctor, while the reveal a-la "Sixth Sense" could have been done more effectively, with a more sophisticated denouement, I suppose.

The Winchester family story wasn't quite elaborately presented, if only the film mentioned some true aspects of the story in the beginning, I'd have a different attitude towards certain aspects of the film. For example, the footprint of the home, the photo of Mrs. Winchester, etc.

Reviewed by neener3707 6 / 10

Partially Inaccurate - Only A Few Good Scares

While I did like a little bit of the film, the story of Ms. Winchester was just so inaccurate. (Skip to paragraph 2 if you don't care about accuracy) I live less than 20 miles from the Winchester house and have been there multiple times and know the story. First of all, she wasn't building the house to protect herself from attacking spirits, she was building it out of guilt to help the spirits she supposedly communicated with, and while the film briefly touches on that, the majority is her building the house to protect from evil spirits, which is untrue, it was guilt and she was building it to serve as a home to spirits . She also wasn't an ominous and foreboding old woman who always wore black in a haunted house, by all accounts she was a normal and social woman who held many community events and parties at her house. But besides that the film was hit an miss, some good scares and atmosphere, and some not so good.

Helen Mirren did an alright job with her role and the rest of the actors were also very average. The atmosphere was well done, but good direction is not needed because the house itself is beautiful and mysterious. The scares are hit and miss, out of about 12, only 2 got me, but I'm a horror veteran, a group of teenage girls however screamed multiple times. Some scares work because of the accented atmosphere, but some are pretty lame and predictable, making the film an average chiller with noting very special. Over all the film is just another average effort for a Hollywood horror film that does not shine like other better films.

I would not recommend this to horror veterans.

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