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Liv Tyler as Ellen Cooper
Brad Dourif as Daddy
James Le Gros as The Wolf Man
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Páiric O'Corráin 8 / 10

An effective new take on the Werewolf trope.

Wildling: A new take on the Werewolf trope. Anna (Bel Powley) has been raised in a room by a man called Daddy (Brad Dourif), he feeds her on a vegetarian diet and warns her about the Wildling that will try to get in to eat her. The window is barred and the door handle gives her electric shocks. Daddy injects Anna to prevent her menstrual cycle from developing, this makes her ill and eventually on her 16th birthday Daddy tries to commit suicide and Anna is discovered by Sheriff Ellen Cooper (Liv Tyler), who fosters her while her relatives are sought.

Anna befriends Cooper's teen brother Ray (Collin Kelly-Sordelet) and defends him when he is attacked by school bullies. Her strength is developing, her hearing is ultra-keen and new teeth are growing as she begins to eat meat, her periods start to appear. She chases a deer through the woods and encounters a character dressed in wolfskins (James Le Gros), a Shaman like figure who helps her to adjust to the changes.

This film has some faults, a couple of plot holes, but it is an effective Horror/Thriller with great acting by Bel Powley who at one moment is gentle and vulnerable and shortly afterwards bites a tormentors throat out. There is no swift change to the Wildling state, new teeth grow, nails lengthen, she becomes more hirsute. She longs to see the Aurora Borealis, wants to head North. She feels at home in the woods.

Liv Tyler is effective as the empathic Sheriff and Dourif convinces as the conflicted Daddy. Production design, art direction, make up and effects all coalesce to crate an eerie dark feel, choreographed by Director and co-writer Fritz Bohm (with Florian Eder) who adds a new and powerful twist to the Lycantrophe legend in his debut film as director. 8/10.

Reviewed by The Couchpotatoes 7 / 10

For this genre it's not a bad movie at all.

Haha I just read a review where it said that this movie is worse than Twilight. Really? Did you really watched Twilight? That's one of the worse movies of this genre, only good for kids that didn't reach their puberty yet. Wildling is actually not a bad movie at all, considering that this genre has been milked over and over again. The performance of Liv Tyler was spot on, a young girl estranged from the real world, discovering things she had no clue about, to ultimately find out she's not like the others. To me it could have used a bit more horror but even without it, it still is an entertaining movie if you like those kind of stories. It's not the best movie in this genre but it certainly is high above the average stuff we got to see in the past.

Reviewed by Lugo1989 5 / 10

Good start - bad finish

Wildling has a promising start even though it is very reminiscent to The Room in its early scenes. As the story unfolds, the film basically disintegrates before finally stopping with a badly written ending. At times, you could also connect the story to the one of Raw, the French film from 2016. I would advise you to see that one since it is incomparably better than Wildling. The acting is quite decent but the story feels underdeveloped, sloppy and it also contains some unecessary cheesy teenage romantic moments. There are not many special effects, but even the ones present are poorly executed. I know this is a harsh review and I wish I could list some more positives but they are simply not there. It is a shame since the opening minutes are not bad.

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