Why Him?


Action / Comedy

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 40%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 59%
IMDb Rating 6.2 10 76037


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Kaley Cuoco as Justine
James Franco as Laird Mayhew
Bryan Cranston as Ned Fleming
Zoey Deutch as Stephanie Fleming
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by MovieLord23 2 / 10

The epitome of forced comedy

Why Him? is another entry into the "why these actors have to lower themselves?" category of comedies. The same tired setup with the repetitive jokes that lacks wit and fun. It is mind boggingly ludicrous that Bryan Cranston couldn't get something out of this movie.

Good: Megan Mullally is clearly trying her best here in the thankless wife role. Zoey Deutch is really cute so there's that.

Bad: It takes the situation to its extreme and it sucks the humor out of the movie. Overly exaggerated scenarios that never work accompanied by James Franco's overly stupid character does nothing to create a laugh. Bryan Cranston is relegated to having an open mouthed look of confusion on his face for the entire movie. The brother character could've been taken out of the movie and nothing would have changed that's how useless he is here. Keegan-Michael Key is wasted in a thankless role. The movie goes on and on that it had maybe three false endings that made it feel like it was going to be four hours long. They also try to add a feminist message of sorts that feels shoved in there when looking at the barrage of childish humor before then that it doesn't work. Insert tired fart and sex jokes and we have the perfect recipe for pain.

Overall, skip this. Cranston just puts on a confused look and gets a paycheck, Franco just curses and acts stupid, the rest of the actors here have nothing to do, and the jokes never hit. It tries to have a message, but it was too little too late.

Reviewed by Suzy Carroll 2 / 10

Why this?

Sometimes, when watching a movie billed as a comedy, and finding myself over an hour into it without cracking a smile, I ask myself, "Why? Why did I waste these precious moments of my life on such crap?" This was my exact sentiment during this film. Contrived, sophomoric and actually quite boring. If you want to experience those feelings, by all means, watch this two hour exercise in profanity- laced verbal exchanges between unlikable, one-dimensional characters. I gave it two stars because I normally like Bryan Cranston and Megan Mullally, and they give it their best despite having minimal material to work with.

Reviewed by M. J Arocena 5 / 10

Fantastic Franco.

Why him? I tell you why, because I can't think of any other actor who can transform this this cinematic excrement into a gourmet dish. There is a matteroffactness in his character that lives somewhere between Rupert Pumpkin and Howard Hughes, the thing is that the life James Franco gives to his character is absolutely real. The film could have turned into a horror thriller, because Franco forces you, in the most entertaining way, to feel slightly off-balance. That alone keeps you glued to it in spite of the moronic lack of ideas. Bryan Cranston, of course, is sheer perfection. Reacting hilariously to the absurdity with infinite generosity - A trait of great actors - I wish them a Billy Wilder next time or a Preston Sturges or...you know. Fearless originals just like Franco and Cranston.

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