Who's Minding the Store?



Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 40%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 66%
IMDb Rating 6.8 10 1892


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Jill St. John as Barbara Tuttle
Jerry Lewis as Norman Phiffier
Agnes Moorehead as Mrs. Phoebe Tuttle
Ray Walston as Mr. Quimby
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by DKosty123 7 / 10

Frank Tashlin's Effects Delight

This film got a lot of prime time television play. There is no wonder why. Jerry Lewis gets benefits here not just from Jill St. John and a great supporting cast, but Tashlin's special effects sequences show a lot of imagination in this film. Veteran comedy writer Harry Tugend and Tashlin combine on the script from Tugend's story.

Despite all the special effects that are funny by themselves, Lewis manic comedy style is put into the script in a way that makes more sense than some of his other films. It's a match made in comedy, for sure.

Ray Walston is solid from Mars supporting, and Richard Deacon from Dick Van Dyke, Abbott & Costello, and many other supporting roles is his baldy self.John McGiver, Agnes Moorehead, Nancy Kulp,and more are plenty of great support people. Kulp who was Drysdales secretary on The Beverly Hillbillies was so so good in so many supporting roles. Mooreheads Endora on Bewitched. Even Barbara Pepper, Mrs. Fred Ziffel on Green Acres gets a turn in this one.

Lewis(Norman Phiffier) is a manic store clerk who gets into trouble at every job in the big department store. The imagination and physical comedy levels for Lewis are very high in this one. This is a film to enjoy everything and it was very popular when it ran on prime time TV (CBS I believe) years ago.

Reviewed by moonspinner55 3 / 10

Full of funny people without anything funny to do...

Jerry Lewis slapstick vehicle has the star playing a dog-sitter/poodle-walker who wants to marry department store elevator operator Jill St. John--but she's working incognito (she's really the boss's daughter). Lewis is hired by the store president's domineering wife to show St. John what an incompetent Jerry is...and he's doesn't exactly prove her wrong. Jerry Lewis loose in a department store and it's not a laugh riot? Surely this scenario should have resulted in some great sight-gags and satire, but all we seem to get are product advertisements and bungling Lewis making faces. Director Frank Tashlin, who also co-scripted with Harry Tugend from Tugend's original treatment, wastes a lot of first-class comedic talent such as Agnes Moorehead, John McGiver, Nancy Kulp and Kathleen Freeman, all on dumb, misfired episodes. Ray Walston's prissy, irate flunky is a constant nuisance, although St. John is a nice addition to the mix and there are admittedly some big laughs with the overzealous vacuum cleaner. *1/2 from ****

Reviewed by bkoganbing 7 / 10

Norman and Barbara

If you can accept the fact that the classy Jill St. John would be heiress of the Tuttle Department Stores is going to fall for Jerry Lewis's klutzy character of Norman Phiffer than you'll really like Who's Minding The Store? Jerry is one walking human disaster, but he's got integrity and that's what counts in Jill's eyes.

But not in the eyes of her mother Agnes Moorehead who was giving her Endora character a trial run in this film. Agnes is determined to break up Jerry and Jill so she actually fixes it for Jerry to be hired at her store by her manager and hatchet man Ray Walston who gives him all kinds of assignments that should show what a disaster he is. All it does is it makes Jill love him all the more. It also probably drives the store into bankruptcy.

Lewis does more physical comedy here than he does in any two of his other films. Best gags are with Nancy Kulp the great white hunter shopping for an elephant gun. Check the recoil action as Jerry demonstrates the weapon. And the final gag in the store as Jerry fixes Isobel Elsom's vacuum cleaner all too well as it sucks everything in sight. Check Jerry out on the flagpole as his first assignment from Walston. Shades of Harold Lloyd.

Jerry and Jill maybe a more odd couple than Felix and Oscar, but the film is a great treat for Lewis fans.

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