Who'll Stop the Rain


Action / Crime / Drama / Thriller / War

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 71%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 63%
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Nick Nolte as Ray Hicks
Jonathan Banks as Marine
Tuesday Weld as Marge Converse
Richard Masur as Danskin
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by TheMarquisDeSuave 8 / 10

Nolte excels in tough, literate drama

1978 saw the release of many anti-Vietnam films. While both "Coming Home" and "The Deer Hunter" were big successes commercially and critically, "Who'll Stop the Rain" was unfortunately overlooked for some reason, which is a shame. Despite being set in America and marketed originally as an action thriller, its an effective portrayal of the mental strain of veterans returning from the horrific war. Its not completely successful - occasionally the screenplay is a bit muddled and sometimes the treatment of such disturbing material is too genteel. Still, the story is so compelling it manages to nail its point home by the end. The conclusion in particular is downbeat to the point of sheer nihilism.

What makes the film work so well, in addition to a good script, is the acting. All around, the entire cast gives fantastic performances. There's not a single weak note in the ensemble. Nick Nolte, an often ridiculed performer, shows he can be a remarkably powerful actor if he applies himself. Tuesday Weld is not as glamorous as she usually is, which helps her create one of her most compelling roles. Michael Moriarty is good also as the morally ambiguous character who manages to be sympathetic by the end. The villains in the cast are all unlikable but also well developed, especially the two thugs who show signs of changing their hearts. The direction by Karel Reisz isn't anything masterful on an aesthetic level, but it definitely gets the job done. "Who'll Stop the Rain" is a powerful and intelligent film, a kind of movie that would only be released by a mainstream studio in the 70s and would be extinct in the next decade of American cinema being overrun and dumbed down by Jerry Bruckenheimer. (8/10)

Reviewed by Robert Grant 9 / 10

Great Book turned into a Great Movie

The book was great and while I don't usually think Hollywood does a very good job translating the book into a movie in this case they have done an excellent job.

Nick Nolte is outstanding as Ray Hicks, a marine vet doing a favor for a buddy by smuggling 2 keys of pure heroin back into the U.S.A. When he gets stateside and goes to his buddy's wife to make the drop all hell breaks loose and Nolte tears up the screen. Also features an outstanding supporting cast with Michael Moriarty as Nolte's buddy John Converse, Tuesday Weld as Marge Converse, Anthony Zerbe as Antheil and Richard Masur and Ray Sharkey as Zerbe's henchmen. The ending is surrealistic and one of the most memorable finale's I have seen.

Reviewed by loydmooney 9 / 10

better than the book

Maltese Falcon is a better movie than the book, and so is this baby. Good as the books are. Of course there would have been neither without the books, but both books wander all over the place, and are not the better for it. Whereas this one, and Maltese and for that matter, Treasure of Sierra Madre, are the richer experiences on the screen for being tightened down. The casting was perfect here. Even Zerbe is a wonderful surprise. The only cavil I have with the overall effect is the dumb title. Terrible. Dog Soldiers would have been fine. But after that, there is not much amiss here. Starting with the dope deal, quite unlike the start of the novel, it moves relentlessly as a snake from then on to its end, which is also unlike the novel, and the better for it. Robert Stone writes some of the, if not THE finest dialog in modern American literature: I have always had problems with his wandering stories, but if it takes them to produce his characters sparkling talk, what the hell, so be it. And what other movie would even THINK of using Hank Snow's Golden Rocket for the music of a great great shootout. Also not in the book. All hands here can be proud of a work that time is gonna treat with the utmost tenderness. If it has one misstep it is right at the first: the explosions tossing Moriarity around are at distinct odds with the slow buildup of the rest of it. But a minor matter, considering how dead on perfect most of the rest of the film is. So good this one is, it's no wonder that the great masses missed it's perfection.

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