Whoever Slew Auntie Roo?


Action / Horror / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 57%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 49%
IMDb Rating 6.2 10 1065


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Shelley Winters as Mrs. Forrest
Mark Lester as Christopher Coombs
Judy Cornwell as Clarine
Ralph Richardson as Mr. Benton
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by BA_Harrison 4 / 10

A Hansel and Gretel inspired horror oddity.

Shelley Winters stars as widower Mrs. Forrest, who, having lost her daughter Katherine in an accident, now enjoys the company of children from the local orphanage, throwing a party for the best behaved kids at her house each Christmas. When Christopher Coombs (Mark Lester) and his younger sister Katy (Chloe Franks) crash the party, Mrs. Forrest takes a particular liking to the little girl, who reminds her of her own dear departed daughter. Her feelings towards Katy quickly become an obsession and she schemes to keep the girl as her own, although Christopher, convinced that the woman is a witch, is determined to rescue his sibling no matter what.

Whoever Slew Auntie Roo? is quite the oddity, drawing inspiration from the fairy tale Hansel and Gretel, with Mrs. Forrest tempting the kids with sugary treats to fatten them up, and preparing a roaring oven in the kitchen, which Christopher believes is intended for both he and his sister. Adding to the twisted atmosphere is the dessicated corpse of little Katherine that her progressively loopy mother keeps hidden in a secret room. All of this had bags of potential to be a thoroughly demented classic of macabre cinema, but the rather restrained execution prevents it from being so. Winters tries her best, hamming it up as much as possible in every scene, but even her best efforts fail to make this the ghoulish treat it could so easily have been.

For a far more effective off-beat approach to the Hansel and Gretel story, watch Freeway II: Confessions of a Trickbaby. Now that is seriously messed up!

Reviewed by gavin6942 7 / 10

AIP With a Hammer Feel

A demented widow (Shelley Winters) lures unsuspecting children into her mansion in a bizarre "Hansel and Gretel" twist.

I am not a big fan of Shelley Winters. Frankly, I don't really understand how she became anybody. But I do love AIP, and I absolutely adore both Jimmy Sangster and Curtis Harrington (whose "Night Tide" is a true horror gem). These gentlemen have brought the Hammer touch to AIP, making this film both British (in a good way), but still that same cult AIP style we love.

And even better is the "Hansel and Gretel" idea. Some legends and fairy tales have been done to death, but this one has not. And furthermore, it puts children in the danger zone -- the scene of this film with the guillotine had me on the edge of my seat wondering if they had the guts to go all the way.

Reviewed by adriangr 4 / 10

Shame it's not better

"Auntie Roo" is marketed a a "crazy old dame" movie, but it's very confusing in it's intentions. Here we have Shelley Winters playing a batty old lady with a large mansion, who likes to invite children across for parties to ease her loneliness. Unfortunately two of the children get a bit nosey and Auntie Roo's dark secrets come tumbling out.

What's wrong here is that the plot doesn't really give the viewer any clearly defined direction. The film uses the Hansel and Gretel fable as a parallel, and the constant reference to this subject matter does get a bit silly. Auntie Roo is not the witch that the children think she is, in fact the children terrorise her more than she does them. Maybe that was the twist that they were going for but I don't know if the story is supposed to paint the poor, misguided Roo as the villain, or the annoying children.

It's all over the place. Who are you supposed to like? Nobody? Shelley Winters does a good job of acting here, but sadly the two children (Mark Lester and Chloe Franks) do not. I can't imagine anyone coming away at the end of this film feeling satisfied.

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