White Girl



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by spiritof67 7 / 10

Scary, Tense and Wild...And In Some Ways Too Real

Unlike most reviewers I saw this movie with intimate knowledge of street life, and the director got a whole lot right there. And as well, I've known noobs like the lead actress who got themselves into a life about which they knew very little until they were so deep in so fast they couldn't get back out. So with that, I was on my seat edge as our heroine went from precipice to precipice, nearly always avoiding the fall. Without a spoiler alert, she does virtually everything in this film you could to get killed or maimed and the writer/director finds ways for her to fail yet survive.

There's a lot of grit here, from hard parties to transactional activities between employer and employee, and then client and counsel. It was all done very realistically, scarily so in many cases.I would love to know where the writer/director got her adviser on street sales - whoever it was really knew the game. See this movie.But be prepared to be scared, if you know the streets.

Reviewed by subxerogravity 6 / 10

The title does explain what you're getting into.

The movie starts out very real for the most part. It's like a very warped episode of the series Girls, a show I feel was written well because it's honest portrayal of real people, but it's a show that I dislike because I really know those people, and don't like them. That gives me an odd feeling about the characters of White Girl, which include a young college age girl named Leah moving into "the Hood", a place she only witness on a Jay Z album. She walks around with that privilege attitude as she approaches the local Latino drug dealer , who she starts a sexual relationship with. So far the movie is doing a good job at making me unsure what stereotypes I should feel sorriest for.

Then the realness of White Girl becomes more movie like. The trailer shows that realness of a young girl out in the world exploring her wild side, but the movie itself becomes about Leah's drug dealer boyfriend going to jail and Leah trying to get him out using the drugs he left behind. Though what I describe seems like a zany comedy, White Girl is a very intense ride on a downward spiral.

It is funny watching Leah going in over her head as she basically learns how the world she now lives in works. At the same time, the film is filled with these vivid images of violence and sex, but especially sex.

But White Girl is a movie I enjoined watching, It's not the art house cinema I thought it would be, and as it started out to be, turning much more into a much more typical "indi" product that cheapens the experience, at the same time making it far more enjoyable for me.


Reviewed by tyleramato-28680 8 / 10

Pass her on over here, mah dude.

First time writer-director Elizabeth Woods delivers a raw, energetic, and downright uncomfortable tale about a young college student named Leah, who moves to the big apple and finds love in one of the local drug dealers named Blue, one night of partying later finds the two separated as he's arrested on possession of narcotics, and that's 3 strikes for him, and Leah must do whatever she can to be reunited with him. It's an ugly and uneasy look at white privilege, and the self destruction of such a young, promising girl who just can't seem to stay away from taking the trip down the white brick road. This is a roaring directorial debut from Elizabeth Woods, and quite the controversial, personal one at that.

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