White Girl



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Chris Noth as George
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ComedyFan2010 8 / 10

Drugs and bad decisions

This movie makes an obvious "white privilege" statement. "White Girl" is both the brand of cocaine and the protagonist. Basically, white girls are dumb and naive. Their partying also destroys the lives of decent Latino drug dealers. If it wasn't for her he sure would be fine. And if it was a black girl she would never make any mistakes. Yes, SJWs I get your point.

But luckily this obvious point just lets one roll our eyes and yet isn't pushed to hard so one can just watch the story.

I don't think all the sex and drugs are supposed to shock the audience, they actually are supposed to look as part of everyday life that she chose which is can come off as dull for some. The movie goes by very fast though by showing all we need to see and not concentrating on character issues that are not part of the movie's present.

The acting is great. I was very impressed by Morgan Saylor and Brian Marc who both let us understand the emotions of their characters without the movie introducing us to character depth. The supporting characters were also well done. Worth mentioning are Justin Bartha whom I didn't even recognize and Chris Noth whom I was exited to see, his facial performance is always perfect.

The ending is great. I know that it is supposed to show her privilege as well, but it was a great idea of contrast.

So all in all it was a decent movie worth watching.

Reviewed by marioxx-76449 6 / 10

a classic ?? i don't think so

I couldn't believe Big from sex in the city you know Carries BF was in this movie.. he had a small part but he didn't seem right playing that part to me.at first i said to myself this dude looks familiar and then i realized it was Big...anyways overall it was OK it could of been better in all phases it was right there on the verge of getting good but never made it ..

Reviewed by juliandeandre 5 / 10

Useful to watch if you want to learn how NOT to write characters.

I get it. This is Elizabeth Woods' first feature film. Making movies is really hard. Let alone a good one. But that doesn't excuse the fact that this movie has some of the most boring characters I've seen in a long time. There's no depth to them at all. Our main protagonist (Leah) basically only cares about getting her boyfriend out of jail (whom she just met by the way, so I have no idea why she's putting herself into all this trouble to get her retard boyfriend out of prison).. and that's it. That's the whole plot. This movie brings nothing new to the table and the same story has been told numerous times before. I don't even get why she went out of her way to prevent her boyfriend from getting jail time, if she's just out screwing other guys anyways. It makes no sense. It's hard to sympathize with any of the characters, because they're all just really boring a**holes. I don't know how to end this review.. watch it if you've already seen every other movie that's ever existed ever and you feel like wasting 90 minutes of your life you'll never get back

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