White Dog


Action / Drama / Horror / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 92%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 74%
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Kristy McNichol as Julie Sawyer
Burl Ives as Carruthers
Jameson Parker as Roland Grale
Dick Miller as Animal Trainer
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Bob Pr. 7 / 10

Pertinent drama; iffy retraining techniques

I have no problem with the anti-racist bias here. I DO have MAJOR problems with the techniques used in re-training the dog out of his racial bias. Possibly the author of the original story (and the film people) consulted only local dog trainers? My background (although a professional PhD clinical psychologist, now retired) includes 7 years study on my PhD in learning theory which also included teaching many fellow PhD candidates.

This film's authors, directors, & screen writers obviously did not consult with any scientific university experts on the learning and retraining principles involved. As is, it makes an emotionally compelling story and worthwhile story but a flawed one.

Why have the retrainer be one single black man -- why not have many blacks, of many ages and both genders? That's what any adequate retraining regime would have done. And why use a full size burger as a reward? In learning (and retraining) positive results do NOT depend on the size of the reward but upon its frequency of occurrence and immediacy to the desired response and desirability. While these are critical, important points in any effective retraining procedure, they are not those most people would be aware of.

Reviewed by PimpinAinttEasy 7 / 10

A unique film that did not fulfill its potential .....

A film with a truly unique premise. A dog trained to attack black people is hit by a car driven by an aspiring actress. She takes him in and the dog even saves her from a burglar/rapist. But when the dog attacks her black co-star on the sets of a film and makes her boyfriend uncomfortable, the actress takes him to the owner of an animal training ranch. The owner of the ranch (a great Burl Ives) directs the actress to an animal trainer (Paul Winfield) who is black but agrees to cure the dog of its racism.

I am surprised the makers couldn't find a better leading lady than Kristy McNichol. She was alright, but I am sure there were better actresses in the 1980s who would have been interested in working with Fuller. I liked the scene where Ives character takes a dig at Star Wars by throwing an arrow at the Star Wars robot target. Paul Winfield had great screen presence. The dog also looked sinister as hell with its sharp teeth and long tongue.

Morricone's score is terrific. But it was best suited for one of those intense Italian movies of the 60s and 70s.

The film had so much potential. But writer-director Samuel Fuller and co-writer Curtis Hanson messes up. Many of the scenes lacked weight. The plot developments were unimaginative.

This is a film that seems to have garnered a cult following based on its unique premise, rather than what the writer-director actually realized.

Reviewed by nesmond-97551 1 / 10

What did I just watch?

Story in a nutshell. Girl finds dog. Girl bonds with dog. Girl learns to her horror that dog has been trained to kill black people. Girl finds a black dog trainer who attempts to deprogram dog from killing black people. During his deprogramming, dog escapes from his pen and kills a black man inside a church. Black trainer finds dog and instead of killing it or letting the authorities handle it, takes it back and continues with the deprogramming. Trainer finally believes he has succeeded and calls girl to come and see how far dog has come along. Success! Dog no longer wants to kill black people. Now dog wants to kill fat old Burl Ives'-looking white men. Trainer shoots dog. Dog dies. Why does this movie have seven stars?

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