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Melissa Benoist as Nicole
Miles Teller as Andrew
J.K. Simmons as Fletcher
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Calum Rhys 10 / 10

A masterful tale of inspiration, set against a world of obsession, dedication and confrontation

An unknown title, by an unknown director, starring an unknown lead, what does that form? Only one of the best damn dramas of this century to date. Inspiring, intense, reverent, Damien Chazelle's jazz-infused drama is an incredibly complex character study that has newcomer Miles Teller and veteran J.K. Simmons at the top of their game in this brilliant effort, 'Whiplash' is arguably the most riveting and sensational drama from 2014.

J.K. Simmons stars as antihero Terence Fletcher, a character we look at as the opportunity of Andrew's success, but also we hate for his brutal portrayal. From his profanity-clad embodiment of evil to the ever-hopeful light at the end of the film, we go through stages of loving, hating and even fearing him, a character who despite his occasional moments of sympathy, cares solely about the outcome of his orchestra, and shuns away anyone who tries to destroy that. Simmons's performance is flawless and breathless, a truly resonant achievement, and one of the most Oscar-deserving performances of recent years.

The gold and black colour palette, fast-paced editing, fluent and claustrophobic cinematography - every single component adds a fresh face to 21st century cinema and independent films as a whole, further supporting my conclusion that indie films have overtaken blockbusters for the provision of unique visions and entertainment. Chazelle's effort pays off as he creates not only one of the greatest villains of the 21st century in the form of Fletcher, but also one of the greatest movies of the 21st century, if not of all time, through which he rekindled the dying flame that is jazz.

The fusion of emotions throughout make this a film that thrusts the audience into a world of obsession, dedication and confrontation, thus ensuing a tale of inspiration, a man and his dreams of becoming a "somebody", and to conclude, let's just note that final drum solo and sense of rebellion Andrew feels, it is utter gold, truly perfect. This movie is powerful, it is intense, it is unique, it is a stunning masterpiece!

Reviewed by alptugcanbaz92 10 / 10

Inspiring Movie

The best movie I have ever seen. So powerfull, so impressive and so good :)

Reviewed by Osmar Coelho 9 / 10

Icarus with melting wings

Let´s think together: to what extent human beings can go to achieve greatness in a craft? I am not talking about a search for happiness, flowing, and connection. Crossing history since Icarus, to be a human being is also dreaming with a power to take things suspended for a moment or to run the show and the attention for while. This film shows what ambition can make to those who want to pay the price of it. The screenplay brings a music student and his terrible mentor, one that is looking for a new Icarus. Humiliating his students taking them to the limits of sanity that's the price his students pay to make him feel great again. Charlie Park, the bird, is used by the teacher as the perfect student, the role model, that could bare everything because a genius never give up this talent. Even with the sun meltings the glue which makes wings attached to his body, Icarus continue to go up. This film is about a musical dream of flying high melting ambitions.

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