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Melissa Benoist as Nicole
Miles Teller as Andrew
J.K. Simmons as Fletcher
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by alptugcanbaz92 10 / 10

Inspiring Movie

The best movie I have ever seen. So powerfull, so impressive and so good :)

Reviewed by Osmar Coelho 9 / 10

Icarus with melting wings

Let´s think together: to what extent human beings can go to achieve greatness in a craft? I am not talking about a search for happiness, flowing, and connection. Crossing history since Icarus, to be a human being is also dreaming with a power to take things suspended for a moment or to run the show and the attention for while. This film shows what ambition can make to those who want to pay the price of it. The screenplay brings a music student and his terrible mentor, one that is looking for a new Icarus. Humiliating his students taking them to the limits of sanity that's the price his students pay to make him feel great again. Charlie Park, the bird, is used by the teacher as the perfect student, the role model, that could bare everything because a genius never give up this talent. Even with the sun meltings the glue which makes wings attached to his body, Icarus continue to go up. This film is about a musical dream of flying high melting ambitions.

Reviewed by shushantupadhyaya 10 / 10

A movie which will live you triggered!

This movie cannot be only enjoyed by the music lovers but also movie lovers or the person who loves any form of art. The movie is as simple as it gets and connects you in many levels. The ending of this movie is one of the best endings of 2014.

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