When We First Met


Comedy / Fantasy / Romance

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Alexandra Daddario as Avery Martin
Robbie Amell as Ethan
Adam DeVine as Noah Ashby
Noureen DeWulf as Margo
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by rhoda_s_girl 10 / 10

Awesome movie!

Just have to say I loved this movie and found it to be sweet, touching, funny, and refreshingly good.:) It had good acting plus didn't lower itself to idiotic dumb gags or the usual low level chick flick. It even surprised me a bit in the end and I only hope that Netflix makes more movies like this. This is probably one of the few Netflix self made things that I actually really liked. It's perfect for a date night or to watch single or with friends. My hubby liked it too which means if he liked it (who usually doesn't watch this type of stuff) then that's saying something...;)

Reviewed by Ventsislav Dyankov 9 / 10

Better love story than "La La Land"

An original counterpoint to all the time-travel serious romantic films, with the cool breeze of Devine's characters type of humour. Humane, down-to-earth. Funny. Light but somehow meaningful at the same time. It kinda sticks out from the regular rom-coms out there.

Reviewed by LittleLotti 6 / 10

Met expectations

I don't know why there a bad reviews for this movie. If you watch the trailer you get exactly the movie you're expecting. Obviously this isn't going to be the greatest movie you've ever seen, but it was a decent flick for a Saturday night in. Like most movies that deal with going back in time, WWFM deals with the way fate plays out and how changing things can result in a completely different life - not always the one you were hoping for. Overall though it's not a bad movie. Not riotously funny, but enjoyable. I appreciate that it didn't rely on sex, drugs, or violence like the comedies coming out lately. Call me a prude but the last few comedies I've seen have been utterly tasteless. Anyway, this is a good movie to watch to kill some time or for a night in with friends, but don't expect anything outstanding.

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