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Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 31%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 57%
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Woody Allen as Victor
Peter O'Toole as Michael James
Peter Sellers as Dr. Fritz Fassbender
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by rodrig58 5 / 10

Very silly!

Good things: There are a lot of big names in the movie! Bad things: the whole story is a bad joke! Good: Paula Prentiss is cool, although she repeats herself infinitely. Bad: Peter Sellers, the greatest comic of all time, is not at all comic in this movie, he is even ridiculous and stupid. Good: a very young Woody Allen(also author of the script) is much more comic than Peter Sellers! Bad: Capucine, though she has some charm, is also ridiculous and frustrating and repeats herself, infinitely. Good: Romy Schneider and Ursula Andress are very natural and credible, unfortunately judging objectively and coldly, their roles are also ridiculous and embarrassing! Peter O'Toole is the only one who does his best to be a loving presence and succeeds almost completely, though his role is ridiculous and awkward too! The way that this childish farce is filmed is very effective and ingenious, work of Jean Badal. Sabine Sun, blonde and mute, makes a cool role as a nurse. Like a joke in the joke, Richard Burton has a few seconds, friendly, pleasant appearance. Burt Bacharach's music is not great, and the song with the same title by Tom Jones does not save the movie. To be watched only for the personal charm of those so many great actors.

Reviewed by loisloon 1 / 10

Nothing is sadder than a film that tries too hard to be funny.

The only thing this movie has going for it is the hot girls. Women looked good back then. They knew how to dress. The males in this cast had no idea how to be funny. Typical Hollywood junk, the only reason people went to the movies to see crap like this was because TV back then was even worse. Also, a movie ticket cost about 50 cents and a bag of popcorn was 10 cents. If you want to see a funny movie from the same period that was a million times better, check out "A Guide for a Married Man".

Reviewed by bigverybadtom 3 / 10

Woody Allen's First And Worst

Whatever you think of Woody Allen and his movies, his later ones were certainly better than this one. This was supposed to be the biggest hit of 1965 (the year I was born) and is now considered "dated" by many critics. Actually, I prefer to believe that even in 1965 it was not considered to be great either.

The story is about a playboy whom women find irresistibly attractive-namely flirts, nymphomaniacs, etc. and he in turn cannot resist their advances Which is bad because he wants to settle down and marry his fiancée. So what does he do? Consult with a psychiatrist who is messed up in his own right.

The movie is meant to be a screwball farce, but it's crazy without being very funny. People run around, bump into each other, and a big chase scene in the end as was common in comedy movies of the day. But ultimately in substitutes silliness for real wit. It's like a mediocre Keystone Comedy that's not family entertainment. You'd get more laughs out of a standard Three Stooges movie.

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