What Women Want


Action / Comedy / Fantasy / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 54%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 54%
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Ashley Johnson as Alex Marshall
Marisa Tomei as Lola
Judy Greer as Erin the File Girl
Mel Gibson as Nick Marshall
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by erawillmoth 1 / 10

Didn't Enjoy

I did not like this film at all, even despite the fact the humour was executed well. The main point of the movie seemed to be to show the main character Marshall, played by Gibson, that women actually did have feelings and personalities. The way women were portrayed in the movie, however, seemed to me to be counterproductive to this, since the majority of them (I won't say all because I don't have a photographic memory of the film) came across as shallow and as being mere accessories to the plot, rather than characters in themselves. The only women who had one iota of personality (excluding Marshall's teenaged daughter, who probably had a personality to make up for the fact that the filmmakers morally couldn't sexualise her) seemed to be the secondary main character McGuire, whose thoughts still managed to centre the majority of the time on Marshall and her opinions of him, or, conveniently, on some new idea Marshall could exploit.

The main problem of the film to me was that Marshall did not seem to learn anything at all. He apparently was so misogynistic that it didn't occur to him women were independent beings capable of thought and this 'myth' for him seems to have by the end been debunked, but the idea that he supposedly learnt that women were equal to men didn't come across. In fact, the film seemed to make valid his opinion that women were only there for sex with men (eg. the end, in which Marshall ends up having sex with McGuire). McGuire's personality, in fact, seems to have been written into the film purely to make her 'hard to get', and therefore further drives home the message that women are there for men's benefit.

This is the most misogynistic film I have ever seen.

Reviewed by vkap-13252 6 / 10

OK comedy; usual feminist drivel added

It is a reasonable comedy with Mel Gibson serving as the primary eye candy for women. Fair enough. His character is show as pretty much pathetic and various women as his victims: ex-wife, daughter, house-keeper, subordinate, date, boss - all of them. So the narrative is roughly - a good for nothing but good looking loser is not qualified and inflicts pain on women in his life whereas they are mostly nice people, tolerate and even accept him. Whoa!

Reviewed by funsterdad 9 / 10

Emergence of Comic Genius

It's 2017, and let's face it, by now the world is filled with Mel Gibson haters, following the perception of anti-Semiticsm that went all too viral and several real world incidents of bad behavior. "What Women Want" takes us back to a point in Mel Gibson's career in which he had established himself as a top rated leading man for 20 years. Except for some roles in which Gibson had portrayed a more manic type personality - the "Lethal Weapon" series, in particular - movie goers would have considered him an actor for dramatic roles. In "What Women Want," however, Mel Gibson emerged in the year 2000 - the some year in which he starred in a very dramatic role in "The Patriot" - as a rather brilliant comedic actor. Gibson's casting as an ad executive who epitomizes male chauvinism before an accident involving electrocution enables him to "get inside" women's heads, which leads to a newfound empathy for the sake of all women, scores as "genius" for both Gibson and director Nancy Meyers. A rather incredible supporting cast has been assembled, starting with Helen Hunt, fresh off an Oscar winning best actress performance in "As Good as It Gets." Because some viewers will focus on how great the first half of this movie is, the second half will tend to get dismissed as being perhaps a little too sentimental and ultimately and eventually predictable. OK, perhaps that gives the first half of the movie a "10" score; the second half, at worst, deserves a score of "8," and that averages out to a "9" in my book. Performances are dead-on great, and the soundtrack, which also helps promote Mel Gibson's dancing talent in one scene that pays tribute somewhat to the era of Fred Astaire and Gene Kelly, is superb. "What Women Want" could be the movie that "women want," but this guy says everybody "needs" this most enjoyable movie and WILL WANT to view it a second time (at least).

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