What to Expect When You're Expecting


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Anna Kendrick as Rosie
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by sbsieber 2 / 10

What a Shame

With a large cast of attractive, likable actors, and what appears to be high production values, this movie was a big disappointment. Mostly, I blame the script. There were some lines that made me cringe, and I would like to call a moratorium on the term "vajayjay". Stop using it, just please stop. The character played by Rebel Wilson should have been scrapped; she added nothing to the movie and was a source of irritation. I also did not appreciate the depiction of women as high maintenance bitches and men as bumbling idiots. This movie had so much going for it, and so much that was wrong. What a shame.

Reviewed by oragex 9 / 10

Downvoted by puritans (aka politically correct people)

A pleasant chicks movie, not great or perfect, but in the girl's movie genre it is worth watching. Like I said, this is entirely downvoted by those fake people who stay away from truth and reality and think life is made of princesses, castles and fairies. These people will faint and get angry when they hear a pregnant woman saying her pregnancy got her hemorrhoids.

The amount of a-list actors are not properly exploited by the movie, their roles are pretty melted with the crowd.

I'm not sure about the end credits with a kid in a park getting hit by a can of beer, but I don't judge a film by it's last 2 minutes.

Reviewed by Lola A 4 / 10


The movie tries to capture the different experiences that couples go through as they are expecting a child. However, I found that none of the experiences was deep enough, it was only represented in a shallow manner. Especially the couple that looses the child. There is a lot more emotion with that then the movie shows. I just felt that because the movie tried to show so many couples non of them was deep enough that the audience could relate or sympathise or even feel with them.

The real-life link: I am not sure how a pregnancy is experienced so I might not be able to say if the experience was captured appropriately. But I assume that physical pain (Elizabeth Banks) and fear (Jennifer Lopez) are part of it and I think these two cases showed it pretty well. Even the woman that seems that has a magical pregnancy (Brooklyn Decker) could be found in real life. These three cases were armful. What was not so armful and seemed as totally unnecessary was Cameron Diaz scenario. I did not get what kind of pregnancy she was supposed to represent. While Anna Kendrick's role also showed a different kind of experience I think it was just not rightfully shown.

Character analysis: Jules. She came across as the controlling, vain celebrity that had to always get with her way and did not care about the opinion of her partner at all. Evan instead of standing up for himself goes to her and does exactly what she says and even asks to marry him. I just think this is realistic. While of course there are men that would do the same, the long term prospects of that relationship would not be so good. And who knows if there was a second part than maybe this couple would be separated.

Marco and Rosie. Rosie pushes Marco away. Marco tries to make it happen despite it but he does not try hard enough. (hello those who say when a guy wants you he will make it happen). In the end they get together due to meeting in the hospital (now hello fate). While this is a movie and does not prove that it is exactly what happens in relationships, I find it quite realistic.

The movie also does a great job in linking the characters with one another without them being all connected. Not too much but just enough. However, the movie is quite slow, the story line is predictable and is not so interesting.

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