What If


Action / Comedy / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 70%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 70%
IMDb Rating 6.8 10 61802


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Daniel Radcliffe as Wallace
Adam Driver as Allan
Zoe Kazan as Chantry
Mackenzie Davis as Nicole
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by dallaswhiskey 5 / 10

Some interesting points but overall forgettable

Many romance movies are essentially about infidelity. The girlfriends, boyfriends and spouses are just sort of extras in the way of the love story. This always makes the story less romantic to me. At least this movie doesn't deny it, since the issue of cheating is actually talked about throughout the movie. Wallace has a friend Allan whose current relationship started with cheating, and neither Allan or his girlfriend Nicole seem to see anything wrong with that, quite the contrary.

The writing is good and there are some genuinely funny moments with Wallace and Chantry joking with one another. I also like the scene where Chantry's bitchy-but-not-completely-evil sister is about to tell her a vicious lie about Wallace but then apparently changes her mind mid-sentence and ends up turning the story into a joke, saying something like "and then the cops came and Wallace shot them all in the head, he's such a jerk".

I don't get the comparisons to "When Harry met Sally". Wallace has a crush on Chantry from the first time they meet, and it's hardly one-sided either, so theirs is never a real friendship like that of Harry and Sally. This movie is also nowhere near as sweet, most of the characters don't come out very likable at all, and it's just not as good either.

Reviewed by drklbyu 7 / 10

Charming and sweet but generic

I had always felt that Daniel Radcliffe was rather stiff in the Harry Potter movies and thus was skeptical about his ability to charm in a romantic comedy.

However he and his co-star are charming right from the outset and have a refreshing dynamic reminiscent of 500 days of summer. The ending is clich├ęd and in line with most other ROM-coms. Had they not ended up together the movie would have been better and more interesting.

So as a result "What if" is an excellent date night video and not much more.

Reviewed by Dee Mou 8 / 10


It'll always be difficult to picture Daniel Radcliffe outside of Hogwarts, but this was a great transitional film that lets his personality shine the way the more recent films don't.

The film is well well written and cast -- peppered with well-timed humor about the insanity more commonly referred to as falling in love. Bravo Dowse, Matsai, Dawe and Rinaldi!

The graphic art was lovely (no spoilers, but I'd actually really like to see more work by the artist). Zoe Kazan, whose work I only got to see in "I Hate Valentine's Day" (Vardalos) was the perfect counterpart for Radcliffe in this romcom.

If you enjoy slightly sarcastic romcoms and haven't seen it, go ahead and Netflix it.

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