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Roman Polanski as Mosquito
Hugh Griffith as Joseph Noblart
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by markmuhl 9 / 10

What? the heck was this?

Wow, while watching I could not quite believe that an insane movie like this does in fact exist. What an absurd and irritating story line, that actually does not really deserve this name. I was repeatedly busy in rubbing my eyes to believe what the screen was offering them. Then eventually, this end on a meta-level where actors do actually make comments on the movie being a movie.

Lucky me that Amazon Prime came along with the streaming proposal of an unknown film on my search for some Polanski movie. I opted to go for it.

That the movie does actually work despite its absurdity and its odd sex scenes must be accredited to a great deal to the flawless performances by its protagonists Sidney Rome and Marcello Mastrioianni next to the genius of its director. The film is in fact a rather risky endeavor since the distance to cheesy slapstick is quite small and I can almost understand critics that see it this way. At the same time, the movie is just way too bizarre to come anywhere near to such a poor evaluation. What else would you call a woman's leg that is being painted blue midway for no real reason and stays like this for the rest of movie.

It is quite a pity that uncompromising, experimental films like this are no longer produced nowadays. Don't ask for the meaning of the movie. I don't think there is any. It is at its best a contemporary document about the freedom of thought of the hippie generation. Maybe someone was just dreaming under the influence of some drugs …

Reviewed by blumdeluxe 3 / 10


I honestly don't have a clue what Polanski wants to say with this piece. I read that it's supposed to be a satire of the German 70's sex movies but to be honest it lacks some substance for a satire, neither does it work well criticizing society.

The only red line this movie follows is sex. In every aspect of it. Everyone is in some way obsessed with it and tries to gain it. At the same time there is hardly any plot, yet even logic in some scenes. If there really is a message, as the critics suggest, it's at least thoroughly hidden.

Knowing that Polanski put quite some effort into this film, I can't help but think that probably he saw something else in it. This time, unfortunately, I can't see it.

Reviewed by Mike Snyder 6 / 10


This was a cool movie. It almost seemed like a dream to me than a movie. It really doesn't warrant and X rating or even adult rating. I would say its a R rating at best. Sydne Rome was pretty much nude the entire movie, and she was stunningly beautiful back in 1972 so that was a definite plus in my book. Marcello Mastroianni thoroughly convinced me during the movie. I felt disgusted by him. From the bites on his legs to his pimp past, he did an awesome job acting in this movie. The entire time I was lost and laughing so the movie did its job. I was saying What? the entire time! Loved it! Because of this movie, I am compelled to watch more of Roman Polaski films. Oh and Hugh Griffith is in this movie too, so that deserves a star on its own!

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