Welcome to Willits


Horror / Sci-Fi

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 86%
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Dolph Lundgren as Derek
Anastasia Baranova as Courtney
Chris Zylka as Jeremiah
Rory Culkin as Possum
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by mherrin-43253 2 / 10

Weird, boring movie that is not a comedy

Welcome to Willits: Directed by Trevor Ryan and written by Tim Ryan

I knew it was too good to be true. I watched three movies recently and this one was the third I watched but the second I'm reviewing. The reason for this is simple, I want to get this madness off of my chest. I watched two good movies and then this one came along and threw me for a loop like a close call car accident. This movie is called Welcome to Willits. It takes place in Willits, California. I imagine the director is from this region. The town really plays no part in the story.

Having this take place in this particular town set in the Emerald Triangle( huge area of marijuana farms) doesn't play into the story much. This movie is about a crazy man who thinks that aliens are invading and trying to abduct him and perform terrifying and painful experiments on him. Kids on a camping trip looking to score. It sounds like an interesting idea for a horror film.

Well Netflix told me that this was a comedy. They lied. This is a weird movie. It starts out with this fake cop show starring Dolph Lundgren for no particular reason. The aliens thing along with the crazy man wearing a tinfoil hat might have been somewhat funny in the writing process but in the movie itself, it really doesn't register that way. They might want to rejigger their algorithm.

This movie feels really long and it takes more than half its running time to get to the meat of the story. It is all set up. It forces us to spend a bunch of time with stock characters and following this dull and overused plotline. It's a boring mess of a movie.

I want to call a moratorium on kids going into the woods to party and finding something evil hunting them movies. It's enough. We need to a break from this overdone story. I'm going to file it with zombie films. I give this movie an F.

Reviewed by The Couchpotatoes 3 / 10

We have an award for the fakest marihuana plant on a filmset ever

Well, just finished watching Welcome To Willits, and the least I can say is that it was an experience. Unfortunately it was not a good one. I wonder if they did it on purpose to make it that bad. That might be a possiblity when I think back about it. There are so much things that are wrong with this movie that it becomes funny. In the days were you can find marihuana like almost anywhere they managed to have the worst imitation fake marihuana ever shown on a filmset. They really didn't know any dopehead to just borrow his weed for a second? I think for that alone they should get a prize. The alien costumes were actually the only things that were okay. The acting was seriously bad, aspecially from Sabina Gadecki as Peggy. That was just unreal how bad it was. I think she might really have been on drugs in this movie. The story is what it is, not the worst but due to all the bad ingredients it's just a terrible movie.

Reviewed by Michael Ledo 6 / 10

You picked the wrong place to start a family

Dolph Lundgren plays a character you see on TV and is not part of the main plot. A group of young adults and a stoner (Rory Culkin) named Possum (he dropped the "O") camp out in the Emerald Triangle, Northern California known for its pot growers. (Filmed in Louisiana.) Nearby Brock (Bill Sage) and Peggy (Sabina Gadecki) make their own meth using a special formula that allows them to see inter-dimensional alien invaders who they hunt and set traps.

When the two groups come together, things don't go well for the unarmed campers.

The movie had plenty of killing and blood, including cut up body parts. It was more comedy/maybe dark comedy than sheer horror. The drug crazed characters and their ideas are what carried the tale. Kudos to Rory Culkin who plays a stoned Pauly Shore. There were some clever misspoken lines like, "Why do it wrong once when you can right twice." Guide: F-word. Sex. No nudity.

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