Welcome to the Jungle


Action / Adventure / Comedy

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 22%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 20%
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Kristen Schaal as Brenda
Megan Boone as Lisa
Adam Brody as Chris
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by greglanyard 7 / 10

Stupid but genuinely funny

Alright first of all, this movie is dumb. Let's just get that out of the way first. You're looking for an intelligent, movie? Look somewhere else.

OK now that that's covered, this movie is hilarious. It's not a serious, realistic, or high-budget movie, and it knows that. Definitely doesn't take itself seriously at all, which just compounds the humor exponentially. This movie is very self-aware that it's an exaggerated caricature of the trope it's based on.

If you don't like swearing, poop jokes, or you're looking for a cerebral, deep story line, don't watch it. If you're planning on doing some lighthearted laughing for an hour and a half, put it on.

Reviewed by Lola A 4 / 10


The real-life link: The approach to how a relationship works. Lisa refused Phil because he was too direct when he told her he liked her. He was too direct because he was quite confident and did not care much of what she thought. He went after what he wanted directly. Did not leave time to for Lisa to develop any emotional attachment to him, he did not wait for the situations where they know each other more to happen and assumed a moment they shared at the airplane was enough for him to make the next move. Chris on the other hand, had a crush on Lisa but he did not make a move until he got confirmation that Lisa liked him as well. Lisa liked him when the circumstances put them in a position where she got the change to know him better. But at the end, no matter how much Lisa liked Chris things did not move to more until Chris did the first move, making Chris here the one who determined if they are going to be in a relationship or not. I have a problem with that. Movies like this give the impression that men are always the ones expected to make the first move and therefore in the real world if a woman makes the first move it is considered weird and usually freezes everything that was going on. This makes the men the one who always determines if two people are going to be in a relationship or not.

Plausibility: plausibility is a joke. First, Chris would be happy to go on a trip with Lisa rather than hating the trip because Phil was going to be there. Phil would never not leave the island in the end and he would be more reasonable in the tragic situation than he was.

Storytelling: well done. The story is developed in an interesting way that does not bore you.

The movie is however enjoyable with scenes that make you laugh and with a plot that is not so easily predictable.

Reviewed by jinsilver 2 / 10

You can't try to parody and play it straight, too

This movie is a great example of missed opportunity in nearly every scene, a flat attempt at parody that only hit just often enough to keep reminding you of what a better movie it could have been with a good script, better acting, and competent direction. Everything it tried to do has been done so much better already.

The opening scenes invoke a zany little Office Space or The IT Crowd workplace with unique characters, and then within ten minutes throws all of that away to pigeonhole them into a cliché script ripped straight out of nerdy 80's high school wish fulfillment fantasies, before they even leave for the jungle. Van Damme never even gets any good lines and barely features in the movie (though a couple of scenes near the end were silly), the two main men could barely act their way out of a wet bag, and the women are just set pieces to fall for the men. Completely uninspired camera work means that the lush, verdant locale was all but thrown away, to boot. That just made the scenes that were hilarious stand out that that much starker, and those few lines are all that earn it one extra star.

It obviously set out to parody the milquetoast-to-hero genre, except it forgot the plot and turned into just another bad example of the genre, instead. In no way does it stack up to actual send-ups, like Blades of Glory, Napoleon Dynamite, or Office Space, let alone full on parodies like The FP and Talladega Nights. Go see one of them instead.

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