Welcome the Stranger


Drama / Mystery

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Abbey Lee as Alice
Riley Keough as Misty
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by richardsingleton 1 / 10

Pretentious nonsense

I do like a lot of strange films but his is just the worst. Far too pretentious and deep without even trying to explain itself.

A good waste of 90 minutes.

Maybe an epilogue to explain it would help as the film doesnt.

Reviewed by tkaine3 3 / 10

Phenominal acting and Stupendous writing over shadowed by a horrible plot conclusion.

This film is a very interesting feature that psychologically ascends reaching many levels. A mystery thriller with very mild hints of disturbing scenarios preparing to unfold. The storyline moves at a slow pace but always remains intriguing and entertaining through out. It also pushes the boundaries a bit but not quite enough to really set this film apart to stand out from others and become memorable.

Now the obstacle with storylines that try to be unique and edgy with a psychological twist boils down to one factor, If they do not know where they are going or if they have no idea how to explain the events that unfolded on film most movies like this one will just quit and run the credits as if it's the viewers fault for not hypothesizing a good ending or leaving it to ones own interpretation to figure it out. Ultimately at the end you'll feel as though you've wasted your time and now your more angry than the chrachters you just watched on screen. Was this scene a dream she had or did this really happen, Was he hallucinating etc.etc. We watch intriguing movies to experience someones story not imagine our own explanation.

This film was a very interesting ride until you realize at the end it's just a hampster wheel going nowhere. I advise you to skip this film it isn't worth the time but if you have a couple hours to waste you should enjoy it.

Reviewed by omendata 3 / 10

Oh dear its another one of those!

Apparently this is another of those incredibly arty and sophisticated films that none of us poor proles can understand. Welcoming the stranger beinng taken from the bible and presumably refers to the aliens in the film - really?

The film was a complete borefest from beginning to end. The acting , what there was of it - not much just lots of long stares and supposedly meaningful incestuous looks - lots of things thrown at us from alien abduction to matricide.

I oft hear the reviewers who are so up their own bum they wear their ass for a hat say that the film leaves you to decide what it was all about - No I dont buy that horse manure , I am afraid that is what ass-hat brigade roll out when even they cannot actually explain what the whole thing was all about - It was not artful , it was not particularly well acted and it was nothing more than an exercise in self indulgent pseudo-intellectual celluloid self aggrandisement!

Take from it what you will - No thanks I should have just watched some paint dry!

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