Weird Science


Action / Comedy / Fantasy / Romance / Sci-Fi

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 56%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 69%
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Anthony Michael Hall as Gary Wallace
Bill Paxton as Chet Donnelly
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Stephen Bird 10 / 10

The 80's at its weird and wackiest

What a decade the 1980's were, we'll never see a decade like it again, and that's a real shame, because it produced some of the coolest, cheesiest films ever to lace their boots on the big screen.

"Weird Science" doesn't make any real sense at all, and that's what makes it as great as it is..., it takes far fetched to the next level and amps it up to a thousand, pure stupidity, pure genius! Basically two teenage boys, the geeks of their high school are sick of having no friends, no luck and being repeatedly ignored, so one day they set out to create their own living, breathing woman (yeah you heard me right), this woman is a pure stereotype, every man's dream, a sexual fantasy for every young boy.

The whole premise of "Weird Science" is bizarre, like whoever wrote it was seriously stoned at the time, and thank goodness they were; it has many loopholes that are left unexplained, but who cares about loopholes, right? It pretty much sums the 80's up in a just over an hour and a half..., one of those films that stays with you lingering in your mind for days, just how cool and camp it is, you never get films this bizarre and successful and long lasting these days, like Hollywood, or time itself, has lost its touch.

It has a young Robert Downey Jr in a smaller role and Kelly LeBrock in the leading role, an iconic sex symbol of ever there was one.

In order to enjoy "Weird Science" switch your mind off before going into it, suspend your belief and don't analyse, just enjoy it for what it is, which is a 1980's glorious masterpiece, bravo!

Reviewed by shawn_m_roeder 1 / 10

Incredibly Stupid

I was a young teenager in the eighties and I remember all of my schoolmates raving about this movie. Maybe I would have liked it if I watched it then. I really enjoy some of John Hughes other films. I finally watched this for the first time.The acting is wooden, the jokes are lame, and the premise is incredibly stupid. The movie is also very dated as my two teenage children could not make it through 20 minutes of this movie.

The special effects are decent for the time, but movies do not hold up solely on the strength of their special effects. If you know the time period, you will understand how movies like this got made back then. You also understand and are thankful that they do not make them like this anymore.

Reviewed by avik-basu1889 2 / 10

One of those 'Hasn't Aged Well' films !!!

All the other John Hughes films I have seen are really touching coming-of-age tales that humanise characters who might initially seem like stereotypical caricatures. This is the reason why 'Weird Science' feels like such an aberration. This film has the 80s written all over it, but unlike other Hughes' films, in a bad way. If one tries to count the number of times there is a scene or a line of dialogue that looks/sounds offensive, he/she will lose count by the 30 minute mark. It's one thing for a movie to be about a character who is offensive, but its quite another when the movie itself starts reveling in the offensive content. One of many examples of the film reveling in its vulgar content is the scene where a random pianist girl gets unnecessarily stripped naked by the blowing wind and the scene gets played out for comedic effect and it reeks of puerile crassness. The interesting thing is that offensive jokes can still be funny, but unfortunately other than a few scenes featuring Bill Paxton, the film completely failed at making me laugh.

I think the ultimate message that this film gives and the realisation that the two protagonists arrive at is not that bad. But the route it takes to drive home that message is highly offensive, misogynistic and questionable. Bill Paxton's performance as Chet is the one saving grace that the film offers. He makes every second of his guest appearance worth it. But unfortunately apart from him, there isn't much here to look forward to.

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