We Are the Freaks


Comedy / Drama

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Daniel Morris 9 / 10

Flawed but a lot of fun - I am a freak

I heard about this film from the press reviews which were generally quite positive for a British comedy, so I thought it might have something to it. I downloaded it while the wife was out and loved it. It reminded me of being young, not fitting in and feeling like a bit of a loser.

I expected some kind of Inbetweeners cash-in but its much smarter than that, this is a film with something to say about youth, alienation and Thatcher's Britain. The characters represent different strata of the class system so we have rich kid Chunks who can't take life seriously, middle class Parsons and poor Jack, whose character is interesting because in socio-economic terms he is working class, but miles away from the usual working class Ken Loach clichéd archetype.

Its actually a very smart teen movie which subverts all those tropes like the geeky guy getting getting the girl - in this film she turns out to be a pill popping raver with issues. Or the bad boy learning something from a wise youth like in American Graffiti - in this film he kills him accidentally! In the end nobody learns anything which I understand will irritate a lot of people used to the 3-act Hollywood morality play. At least this is something different even if it doesn't always work.

The acting is good and its well-directed, a shame it didn't get more of a release but I'm sure its destined to become a cult classic in years to come with kids sitting watching it in their bedrooms smoking dope! I am a Freak!

Reviewed by LouieInLove 2 / 10

We Are Freaks? I Don't Think So.

I simply don't see the purpose of this film. It's called 'We Are Freaks' however there's nothing at all exceptionally different about the characters. I'd say the kids are all normal/verging on fairly dull middle-class youngsters. Perhaps the film should be called: Woo! We're Really Crazy & Mad-Capped Weirdos, Honest!

Clearly I'm being ironic with my suggested title, but it is more accurate than 'We Are Freaks'. 'Boring Unoriginal Pre-Accountant Brats' would be another title more in sync with the Characters on screen.

There's not much more to be said. A dull story & dull characters in a dull world. Perhaps they are freaks? Not! (early 90s reference there)

Reviewed by bowmanblue 5 / 10

And we don't really know where we're going

As the opening credits rolled, our teenage 'anti-hero' gives us a monologue to set the scene about how he's waiting to hear whether he's got into university and all the things he hates during the early nineties. I actually found myself laughing quite a lot and looking forward to what followed. However, what followed didn't really live up to its opening.

First of all, it may be set in the early nineties, but it didn't really feel very early nineties at all – stick an iphone or two in the film and it would simply be set in the present day. We soon meet the cast – three young lads who don't feel like they confirm to the 'norms' of society and we follow them on their various adventures over the next couple of weeks. Unfortunately, their 'adventures' don't really take them that far. They just kind of drift from one situation to another with little in the way of story to tie it all together. You have the obligatory attempt to score drugs. The fabled party which they simply MUST attend and the – seemingly unobtainable – love interest that the hero is besotted with.

There are a few funny moments dotted along here and there, but many of the scenes seemed like they were trying a bit too hard to be terribly over-the-top and outrageous. The trouble is... if you like teenagers behaving badly then you've probably already seen American Pie or, if you're only into the British version, The Inbetweeners. Bother of these franchises are massively better than 'We Are the Freaks' and, just because the latter tries to film itself all stylish (ala 'Trainspotting') doesn't really make it worth watching.

It's okay, but you'll probably be better off watching Pie/Inbetweeners.


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