We Are Marshall


Action / Drama / Sport

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 49%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 79%
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Matthew McConaughey as Jack Lengyel
Kate Mara as Annie Cantrell
January Jones as Carole Dawson
Anthony Mackie as Nate Ruffin
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by manicmod-86925 10 / 10

Thank you for making this movie

It's a great movie really. I am suprised the overall rating is below 8. But I see the movie has many 10/10 reviews. Watch this movie, guaranteed it'll be 2 hrs well spent

Reviewed by RMS1949 4 / 10

The emphasis was wrong...

Based on a true story of a very tragic event, I felt the emphasis was poorly placed on the new coach hiring and not enough on the school,coach,players and family of those who died. For me the best way to have ended this film was shown like 20 minutes into it, when the school was chanting outside that school president and board of directors meeting. After that it lost focus and emotion.

Thoughts and prayers are still there though for those who were effected by that day..

Reviewed by Getyoassoverhereboi 10 / 10

The review

Every movie has some truth behind its story line. The movies that really emphasize it although are the movies based off of true stories. These movies are usually inspirational and overly dramatic about passing over the message of the story. The movie We are Marhsall is based around a tragedy that occurs in a small town of Huntington at the University of Marshall. Seventy-five lives are claimed at a horrific plane crash killing football players, coaches, staff, and sponsors of the team. It is the story of how the town dealt with the tragedy.

The small town of Huntington takes pride in the college football team at Marshall University. The town has sons, fathers, and husbands within the football community. On one evening though, everything would change when the football plane crashed killing everyone inside. Nate Ruffin, an injured player who didn't join the team on the plane, and Red Dawson, the assistant coach who decided to stay back and catch the next plane, are all that remains of the deceased football team. Reggie Oliver bought a sixteen pack of beer when he heard about the plane crash, his brother was part of the team. Reggie carried the pack around wherever he went since the plane crash. Gene Morehouse, the announcer for the thundering herd, also died that night. His son loved to listen to his father announce the games on the radio, striving to be just like his dad. The mayor of the town, Paul Griffen, lost his son that night as well. President Dedmon was unable to cope with losing so many dear friends and family, optioning to close the football program for the time being. A year later, Ruffin speaks out to the town jury about keeping the football program. He and the rest of the school wanted to keep the program alive and start to rebuild. President Dedmon obliged allowing the football team continue, but listed a great number of problems in order for it to happen. Ruffin did not care although, stating that he could start with a football coach. Name after name, Dedmon called various coaches asking if they would come coach the team. One after another, Dedmon was turned down and hope was being lost. It isn't until a man named Jack Legynel calls the principal for the job. His reason for coaching the team, was sort of an unusual response. He did not choose to coach the team because he wanted to win, he wanted to coach them because it didn't matter if he won or not. Stated in the movie, this was the first time that winning doesn't matter, all that matters is that they play the game. Jack went over to Dawsons house to ask him to be the assistant coach. He accepted after refusing to be the head coach for the school. Something about Jack drawer coaches to him. Even the their division rivals in Michigan allowed them to look at play books and strategies. It was the first time Michigan ever helped Marshall with football. Jack even convinced Principal Dedmon to personally ask the directors of the NCAA to allow them to play football. After being rejected to play football several times by the NCAA, he went over in person to ask them to allow the school to play. After being allowed to play, Jack unsuccessfully attempted to recruit players around the state. He failed though, losing to West Virginia in multiple positions. Dawson and him then thought outside the box, recruiting players in a unique aspect. He created an all freshman team through words and persuasion. He convinced players that going to Marshall, it would mean promised playing time on the field. Although Jack was able to put a team together and on the field, he only one game out of the several years there. It was just as he said though, the town didn't need a winning football team, they just needed a team to show up every game and play.

The Marshall movie is more inspiring based off recovery from the tragedy and doesn't seem so cliché. Recovering from a sever plane crash that devastated the whole town is something else. The Marshall movie is something no one can compare to because of how they recovered and rebuilt the community while honoring the deceased people. It was truly a miracle how a couple of people rebuilt the Marshall community and brought it back to life through playing football.

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