War Room


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Meg Crosbie as Church Member
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T.C. Stallings as Tony Jordan
Ben Davies as Police Officer
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Allexander Lyons ([email protected]) 1 / 10

It's time to come out of the closet

"War Room" is yet another film made to cash in on the recent Christian movie boom and like its contemporaries, it puts the message first and trivial matters such as acting, directing, writing, editing, and production a distant second. What makes "War Room" perhaps even worse than its proselytizing brethren is while they tend to share the same overall message (Christians RIGHT, everyone else WRONG), the underlying message in "War Room" is far more disturbing.

"War Room" is the story of Tony (T.C. Stallings, who with his razor sharp features and V-shaped brow is a bit too scary to pass as an everyman), his wife Elizabeth (Priscilla Shirer), and their daughter, Danielle. Elizabeth and her husband argue constantly and he even ponders cheating on her. Things change for Elizabeth when she agrees to sell the house of Miss Clara (Karen Abercrombie). Miss Clara soon senses the turmoil in Elizabeth's home life and tells her that her marital problems will be magically fixed if she hides in a closet and simply prays for them to get better. Yes, really.

The acting is terrible but considering that the leads are motivational speakers and the director gives himself a prominent role it's no surprise. The only person who even tries is Karen Abercrombie but she plays the sassy black grandma shtick to such extremes that even Tyler Perry would tell her to tone it down. She's bossy, pushy, and shouts "Praise Jesus" constantly when she's not speaking in overwrought war analogies. That being said, at least the scenes with her had some life to them.

The writing is just awful. It's full of clunky exposition and treats its female lead with contempt at times, making constant jokes about her bad breath and smelly feet. You can tell men wrote this as the one scene featuring all women has them prattle on about being subservient to their husbands and how it's so "hard" to be a woman. After the first hour, Jesus is mentioned so much that you could turn it into a drinking game.

Another way the writing fails is that Tony is so mean to Elizabeth that their marriage really seems beyond saving. He's verbally abusive, ignores their daughter, lords his superiority over his wife and ogles other women. If that weren't bad enough, he turns out to be a thief and a drug dealer and says in one scene that he wouldn't give his wife CPR if her life were in danger! I'm supposed to want these people together?

And even if divorce is unthinkable (which in this universe, it seems to be) why is marriage counseling never mentioned? Do they not know that some churches actually offer that? They could go to a counselor in their church, save their marriage (Tony's beyond saving but just go with it) AND find Jesus along the way! They can even keep the prayer closet. It's pretty bad when I can think of a way to solve the central conflict of the movie and keep the religious themes intact better than these jokers did.

This movie, like others of the genre, operates in an alternate reality where people convert instantly. Miss Clara preaches to a mugger and instead of getting gutted like a fish like she would be in real life, the mugger slinks away. Elizabeth decides to fight for her marriage by running around the house like a crazy person and shouting at Satan in the movie's most unintentionally funny scene. Elizabeth's incessant praying somehow gives her husband food poisoning while on a date with another woman and he just gives up and leaves. The movie never considers the fact that he could still go have sex with the woman and Tony is so nasty by this point it's very plausible he would.

After Tony and Elizabeth magically reconcile, the movie decides to introduce the drug dealing subplot which is laughably and clumsily handled. Tony's boss sees that his sales numbers don't add up which would be enough for a police investigation but they only fire him and send him on his way. Then he admits to selling drugs on the side but his boss doesn't arrest him because he was really, really sorry. That must be a tremendous comfort to all the people who overdosed on the drugs he sold.

The movie ends with a jump-rope competition that is just unnecessary padding (keep an eye out for the little girl in the audience who CONSTANTLY stares at the camera) before launching into full-on propaganda mode in the last fifteen minutes. It starts with Miss Clara telling Elizabeth to tell other troubled wives to go hide in their closets, segues to her house being sold to a minister who can somehow divine that the closet was used for praying, and finally resorts to outright filibustering. This is conveyed through a prayer montage that works its way up through the nation's schools (separation of church and state is merely a suggestion in this world) to those Godless heathens in Washington. This coda pretty much wrecks what little verisimilitude the movie has (which isn't much).

"War Room" is a vile, preachy, and pretentious film with twisted morals masquerading as wholesome, Christian entertainment. While I can sympathize with not wanting to divorce, there must be some middle ground between divorcing after six months and staying with an abusive and cruel spouse until one of you dies. I can also recognize that there are marriages where sometimes, divorce is sadly the answer.

It's a pity that this movie doesn't seem to think so. Following this movie's advice for marital troubles is not just patronizing and irresponsible, but potentially dangerous. Avoid at all costs.

Reviewed by jwvongoethe1800 1 / 10

Hide in your closet, and pray to God to solve your problems, instead of solving it for yourself.

I have nothing against Christians or faith based movies. Some of my favorite films are the biblical epics from the 50s and 60s. other movies like It's a Wonderful Life has God in it, but doesn't cram the bible down the viewers throats. And then you have this kind of movie, that are just propaganda pieces for the kind of Christianity that I hate: The kind that lives in the past, the kind that take the bible way to seriously, the kind that refuse to acknowledge equal rights to homosexuals and woman, the kind that does not vaccinate their children against diseases. The kind who would beat you if you say something that is against their religion. This kind of people made this film and it is made especially for them. It is not that I am against religion or that this review is anti-religion. It is because that War Room has one of the worst morals that I have ever seen in any movie.

The plot of the movie is about a family with marriage problems. Not the normal kind of problems, but the extreme kind. The husband Tony is verbally abusive against his wife Lis, ignores his daughter, doesn't communicate with his family and is about to cheat on another woman. Lis is an real-estate agent, and Tony is an salesman for an medicine company (we know this because every time someone introduces himself, thy say the full name and the kind of job the person has). Lis is about to sell the house of an elderly woman named Miss Clara. She tells her of her praying technique called the War Room, in which she hangs her prayers on a wall in an empty closet, and asks God and Jesus to solve her problems. Lis learns from miss Clara that it is not Tony's fault that he is an cheating bastard, it is Satan's fault, so she has to pray for Tony. While this is happening, Tony has an date with another woman. Clara heard from it and prays to God to intervene. God gave Tony food poisoning, which stops Tony of cheating on his wife. Tony gets fired of his job, because he sold drugs of market without the company knowing it. He returns home, sees the war room, and begs for forgiveness to his wife, who tells that God is the most important person in her life, but it is because of God that she has her marriage. Tony spent some time with his daughter, and brings back the stolen drugs to his boss, who decided not to press charges on Tony for steeling. The marriage is saved, and miss Clara is happy to see it, and the film ends with her in her new war room, where she prays to God to rise up an army of believers to fight up against the forces of evil.

This film is awful. The acting is bad. Most of the people in this movie are not even actors, but public speakers for the church. There is no connection between the people in this film. I never believed for one second that Tony, Lis and their daughter are related, because they act like thy have seen each other on just one day. I want that this ends in divorce, but this film make it clear that divorce is not an option here. The dialog is and feels unnatural. Miss Clara always uses war analogies (like prayer is a powerful weapon), the kind that makes you scared. Nobody takes any responsibility, everything is grace. This movie has a TV quality to it, it has no reason to be not direct to DVD. The prayer technique is offensive and dumb. The marriage problems are solved in the first 60 minutes, and the rest of the hour is nothing but padding. And the has about 3 points where you think the movie would end, but then you see that it is still going.

The moral is insulting. The moral is as followed: If your husband is verbally abusive, and is distrustful to you, don't call for therapy, don't talk it out. Just empty out your closet, act like a floor mat and pray to God to solve your problems, not for yourself, but for your cheating husband. And the fact that this movie is an box office hit and that some people really like this movie baffles me. Skip this film at all costs. It is propaganda.

Reviewed by MisterWhiplash 1 / 10

less like 'Amen' and more like "No... men"

Hmm... so is this worse/more-offensive than God's Not Dead? Well, it depends how one looks at it: God's Not Dead has multiple story lines so there's more places to look at as far as offensive and THIS IS NOT HOW *THINGS IN THIS UNIVERSE WORK*, but War Room has level of concentrated bat-***t insanity going on. I don't even mean the whole 'well if your husband treats you like poo then what you have to do is go in a closet and pray that Satan gets out of him because that's what the problem is and that's IT'.

I mean things like how working at a Pharmaceutical company would function if, say, someone *steals* from the company (and while the movie doesn't really acknowledge characters race, which may or may not be seen as a 'ok, well, fine, whatever' aspect of the story for the most part, a black man stealing tens of thousands from his company, whether he was "honest" enough to fess up to it is besides the point, he's going to jail, end of story), or about what happens when a mugger with a knife comes across an old woman (hint, usually what happens in this movie in *real life* doesn't happen, like, ever), or how adult parents join in on... children's jump-rope competitions(?) The point is, War Room is another in a blatant series of films over the past few years that is out to further brainwash the already converted (and God help you if you find this to be powerful stuff in a positive way), and make those who aren't perplexed out of their minds.

This is a movie creating its own reality to fit its own agenda - propaganda's textbook definition I know, but it gets worse than that here by the message that women don't have agency over their own lives, or, ideally, shouldn't. Why concern yourself with marriage counseling or trial separations or, gasp, divorce in this second decade of the 21st century when you can simply pray the abuse away (okay, he doesn't physically hit her or anything but mentally speaking he's abusive)? It's ironic that a movie that features black characters fairly prominently and (with the exception of the stunningly throw-back stereotype of the Magical Mystical Negro trope with Miss Clara, yes, even in a movie with a mostly black cast I think it counts) doesn't call attention to the race of its characters should set back the *feminist* movements of this country several decades.

This is simply a monumentally terrible script by the Kendrick brothers - think the inverse of everything the Coen brothers are good at - both philosophically and in its execution of both character development (there are no clear arcs or dimensions, the husband is a jerk from minute one until the script says it's time for him to look around a couple of his families rooms and realize the error of his ways and get the devil out or some such nonsense) and "plot" whatever that might be. It is two hours long (with credits), which is one of the more insane things about this. The movie's story practically ends at the 80 minute mark but then it suddenly has to become a sports movie, kind of, sort of, and loose ends that are not even that loose need to be tied up.

So even if by some miracle, no pun intended, I managed to agree with what the movie was selling me on its moral points about how to submit to your man and that prayer, not actual, *existential* acts that make changes in your and other peoples lives, will solve all the problems of the world (and don't get me wrong, if you want to pray for yourself, fine, have at it, but at the risk of doing nothing else it's a foolish message deep down), I would still find the movie to be atrocious on the grounds of it not being entertaining in the ways that it intends (though I was entertained at times in the ways it decidedly did *not* intend), and how sloppy and idiotic it thinks human beings are.

So like God's Not Dead it is a dangerous movie at least for those susceptible enough for its message - I hate to find the news story one day where some poor woman is found dead because she didn't do anything to really force change in an abusive relationship - and for others it's all the same a ludicrous piece of would-be filmmaking made for the budget that a typical Lifetime movie would have (and has acting either on or *below* those standards) that someone wasn't so much released but escaped on to screens through a major distributor like Sony and got to #1 at the box office during one of the worst weekends of the year (Labor Day). Oh, and there are stinky feet jokes thrown in for good measure! Because this is a FAMILY MOVIE after all! And by that I mean keep your families away from this if you care about their mental well-being!

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