War on Everyone


Action / Comedy

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 60%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 88%
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Tessa Thompson as Jackie Hollis
Theo James as Lord James Mangan
Alexander Skarsgård as Terry Monroe
Michael Peña as Bob Bolaño
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Whingewood 8 / 10

Crazy Wonderful!!

(Originally published on my blog, whingewood.wordpress.com)

The trailer for this made me laugh (the scene with their car and a mime), so that was enough to convince me to go and watch it.

War on Everyone is a buddy-cop black comedy starring Michael Pena and Alexander Skarsgard, who play corrupt cops. The main plot is that a heist occurred and they see the money as theirs.

The comedy was mixed with parts that were quite surreal; the best comparison I can think of is to 1991's Hudson Hawk (a film which to this day is very divisive). Some of the comedy had me laughing until I was nearly crying (the scene in Reykjavik was probably the best example).

Some more examples include when they kick in a door to a house, guns out, they still have the burgers they were eating in their other hands. They find a man bleeding out with a knife in his gut and his wife sat there crying. So they carry on eating their burgers.

Personally, I really enjoyed this film, but it appealed to my sense of humour, which I fully accept may not be considered the norm (I enjoy dark humour; Frankie Boyle is one of my favourite comedians for example). I know that for every person like me that enjoyed this film, there will be at least one person that absolutely hates it.

Reviewed by nanstamps 8 / 10

A weird modern tribute/homage/caricature of 70's cop fiction

I really liked War On Everyone, to me it was an alternate reality made through the trope of American cop movies and TV from the 70's. Not the real 70's but the film fiction of the 1970's but with the movie actually set in modern times.

I also noticed the viewer has to pay attention or you will miss the connection of each scene to the next (no checking your cell phone). War On Everyone is a tightly woven film where a homage to 70's film/TV style might be too obscure for anyone under 50 or someone who never watched old 70's cop stuff. The movie probably needed some objective editing from someone besides the writer/director.

I'm 54 and I thought War On Everyone was very funny. :-) I have a tomboy mom who took me to every car chase movie that came out in the 70's - R rated included - and her favorite TV shows (that me and my brother were 'forced' to watch) were Mannix, Dragnet, and Adam 12. I loved Starsky and Hutch 1975 (Huggy Bear reference in WOE). It probably helped me like the movie.

The movie does not pull it's punches in swearing, offensive racial slurs, and bawdy humor but it strangely passes the Bechdel test when the two main female characters have a scene where they talk to each other about their travels.

War On Everyone is movie where everyone has their faults but seems to ask the questions, "Does societies definition of right and wrong mean anything, are there acceptable degrees of wrongness and is there a line that even "bad" people won't cross?"

Reviewed by moive_dood 2 / 10

How are people rating this so highly?

This was an utter waste of time. It was so bad I'm angry I sat through it waiting for it to achieve the 6.1 rating it currently has.

I don't mind bad movies when they're funny or have some redeeming qualities, but this has none. Far too many names were attached to this movie for it to be so bad. At no time did you feel anything for any of these characters.

They threw every cliché storyline at it, but then resolved the entire movie in the last 7 minutes. Save your time and do some laundry. Watching your clothes spin around in the machine would be more entertaining.

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