War on Everyone


Action / Comedy

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 60%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 88%
IMDb Rating 5.8 10 14175


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Tessa Thompson as Jackie Hollis
Theo James as Lord James Mangan
Alexander Skarsgård as Terry Monroe
Michael Peña as Bob Bolaño
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Junior Bronson 5 / 10

Good Ideas, Not Executed Properly

If I had to give this film a pass-or-fail grade I would give it a thumbs up, but not very enthusiastically. A lot of the elements of this movie I really like on their surface, but for some reason they don't all come together as a cohesive and coherent motion picture. On the plus side the acting is good and a lot of the sardonic humour played very well for me.

On the down side this movie just seemed to have a lack of direction and a real "point" it was driving toward. I've read other reviews here about how the lack of point itself may be the point, but I think that is letting the filmmaker off the hook. I don't think that's really what they were going for.

It feels like they wanted at times to make a very black comedy about power, corruption, and the pointlessness of it all (for some), but at other times it's more of a light-hearted and sarcastic "buddy cop" flick, and they two just don't quite gel.

Good acting, it looks great, and a lot of funny moments make this a worthwhile watch though.

Reviewed by sergelamarche 8 / 10

Perfectly bad and good

This film was great. The first ten minutes were a bit rude and outrageous and was expecting it to go down like Sin City. But no, the women add philosophy and hilarity and from there it's an hilarious brutal ride. The acting is not psychopathic at all like Sin City. The acting is sensitive and real. This film is more like Bad Lieutenant, an hellish ride with crazy-braves and sillyness. Bravo! Encore!

Reviewed by dandbone 8 / 10

Anarchic fun

I enjoyed this movie, even if it wasn't meant to be the second coming of the Lethal Weapon. This was supposed to be a philosophical movie, but since such movies get Oscar and then end up with no one watching them, they thought to make the heroes cops.

There is a lot of subtext to the movie. One of the cops is a family man, while the other is a drunkard who never goes to bed sober. The first seems to live a happy family life, while the second drinks out of despair. They seem to be completely amoral, robbing robbers, beating up suspects, and... completely neglecting the paperwork. Or, that's one way to see it. The other way is that they only care about what matters, their own lives, freedom, their families and friends.

They appear not to give a damn about their assigned role in society, and the movie send the message that neither should we. And if we have second thoughts, we should know that those above us, that we protect by doing our duty, don't care either. That, I think was the metaphor with the English lord.

Apart from the subtext, the movie has many cool moments, and great music. It also has the feeling of a seventies movie. Since it's a movie about freedom, I guess it has to feel like that.

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