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Jason Statham as Crawford
Luis Guzmán as Benny
Jet Li as Rogue
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Thomas Clement (Mr. OpEd) 1 / 10

Tourrets filmmaking at its finest!

Choppy editing, vomit inducing camera moves, zooms for no reason and this is just the actors talking. Speaking of actors, Jet looks like he wants to be anywhere but in this movie and after 20 minutes, I felt the same way.

Tourrets filmmaking at its finest!

Reviewed by Tweekums 8 / 10

Great Jason Statham/Jet Li action film

FBI Agents Jack Crawford and his partner Tom Lone have been hunting a killer known only as Rogue and they think they have finally killed him however there is no body. Shortly afterwards Tom, along with his wife and young child are murdered; Crawford is convinced that Rogue is alive and behind the killing. Three years later Rogue is back. He appears to have turned against his former employer, Yakuza boss Shiro and is be working for Triad leader Chang… or perhaps he is playing both against the other for motives that aren't immediately obvious. Crawford is soon on the case determined to catch the man who killed his friend.

If you want action either Jason Statham or Jet Li will be guaranteed to deliver the goods so when they are cast against each other you know you should be in for something fun! They are both on good form with Statham doing a fine job as Crawford and Li making an impressive bad guy. These two characters are of equal importance as we spend time with each of them. The rest of the cast are pretty good too. Crawford's story is the more conventional as he is merely after revenge while Rogue is intriguing as he plays two different groups of gangsters against each other in much the same way as the protagonist in 'Yojimbo', or its better known remake 'A Fistful of Dollars' did. There is a lot of solid action; this includes shootings, car chases, martial arts and even some impressive sword fights. This action is fairly bone-crunching at times. When we learn the truth about Rogue it comes as quite a surprise and is quickly followed by a second unexpected twist; while these twist do seem a little unlikely they didn't spoil the film for me. Overall I'd recommend this to anybody wanting some good solid action.

Reviewed by Leofwine_draca 5 / 10

Not a bad action drama, but the MTV style direction spoils it

WAR is one of those action-packed gangster movies that you watch and then wonder what just happened. Utilising the cream of talent from the East (including the formidable skills of action director Corey Yuen) this is a tale of the Triads and the Yakuza as they battle for supremacy in America, and the story of a cop who gets in their way. The problem is that it's just a passé, seen it all before film, a slick exercise in bangs and beatings that does the job without ever attempting to be anything other than routine or matter-of-fact.

First-time director Philip G. Atwell was previously responsible for a lot of music videos and his presence is one of the biggest problems the film has. He brings the flashiness, the noise, and the pandemonium to the screen without ever focusing on character motivation or story. In essence, the story is about Jason Statham's search for hit man Jet Li but in reality it's just an excuse for a string of highly stylised set pieces. At least this film is better than the watered down THE ONE, the previous film that paired Statham and Li.

Statham's grown a lot since then, becoming a dependable action hero in his own right, but he's wasted here in a nothing role that allows him to chew the scenery in places and that's it. His character is a walking cliché who shouts his way through action scene and dialogue exposition alike, but around the halfway mark you suddenly wonder what he's doing in this film in the first place: his character has zero point in being here! Jet Li does better in a more nuanced turn but even he's wasted in favour of cramming in as much slick style as is humanely possible.

The supporting cast is a plus, even if the likes of Saul Rubinek and Luis Guzman are wasted in pointless roles. It's good to see Devon Aoki (SIN CITY's deadly little Miho) again, but she has little to do, although John Lone and Ryo Ishibashi fare better as the rival crime bosses. Elsewhere, there are twists galore (including a pretty remarkable one that's somehow fumbled), a lacklustre climax that dispels none of the brooding tension built up between the two stars, and some cool action, although the martial arts are in short supply aside from one outstanding highlight. Not a bad film perhaps, but not something you'd want to see again; for genuine Jet-Li-as-hit-man-thrills, try watching Hit-man.

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