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Jennifer Aniston as Linda Gergenblatt
Paul Rudd as George Gergenblatt
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Reviewed by andiam-1 3 / 10

POINTLESS SATIRE (spoiler alert, if anyone cares)

I had high hopes for this film at the beginning. The scene where the Jennifer Anniston character pitches her save-the-penguins film to HBO satirizes both her and the network. And the montage of the auto trip, showing the various changes of mood they go through over several hours, is both realistic and hilarious. But I didn't laugh much after that.

The real problem with this film is that it is essentially a satire directed at the hippie movement. There might have been a point to this thirty years ago, but now??? I don't know if there even are any hippie communes left, but they are hardly significant enough in our culture to rate a full-length satire. And are we surprised that the most outspoken proponent of free love and spirituality turns out to be a hypocritical jerk? And how about the attack on the heartless developers? Are we supposed to take that seriously? This theme was developed more effectively, tongue-in-cheek, in "The Muppets" where at least we knew it was intended as a cliché.

I usually like Paul Rudd, but I found his attempt to come off as macho to get into bed with a gorgeous blonde totally unconvincing and unfunny. He is such a cool guy that I could not believe he would not know how to approach a woman for sex.

For me the one bright spot in the film was Alan Alda's portrayal of an aging hippie, possibly in the early stages of Alzheimers. He was the one character who came across as genuine. In fact, in a better film he might have gotten some Oscar buzz for best supporting actor.

Overall, a pointless film.

Reviewed by Ines Witherspoon 9 / 10

Confused at the negative reviews.....

I have watched this film twice now and off the back of the second viewing thought I would see what others thought of it. I was surprised and increasingly confused as I read one negative review after another. My confusion grew to frustration as I read comments like "the only nudity is old, unattractive people" and "the characters aren't believable". I feel these people have completely missed the point! First of all, if you want to see attractive people naked then may I politely suggest that romantic comedy is the wrong genre for you, I believe you'd get what you want in the 'adult' category - it's certainly bizarre and irrelevant to give this film a negative review because you don't get to see Jennifer Aniston in the buff!

Secondly,regarding the characters and all the oh-so-serious reviewers commenting on the silliness and irreverence of the plot and the character development, this is the sort of film that doesn't need to develop the characters or have a deep plot, it wouldn't work as well if it did actually. It's a light-hearted, fun movie. And it works. In my opinion it actually works beautifully, the whole film has a great vibe to it and certainly had me thinking that I might enjoy a brief dalliance on a commune! It's witty, amusing, warm and titillating at times, not for what it does show but for what it suggests about the lifestyle the couple find themselves in.

Take this film at face value and suspend your disbelief, take off your critic hat and just enjoy!

Reviewed by Mr Black 7 / 10

I liked it.

I had never heard of this movie before and only picked it up because Jennifer Aniston is it and generally I enjoy all her films. This is a quirky tale for sure but a lot of fun. Lots of crazy characters all around and some pretty big names in the acting business. I think the characters really make this film what it is. My only problem with this film is the scene near the end where George and Linda make up and kiss - and the crowd starts cheering and clapping.. Seriously? How many times does that scene have to be in a movie before they realize after the first 10000 times,, IT'S BEEN DONE ALREADY... wow,. Other than that a fun film, fun characters, funny story.

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