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Bryan Cranston as Howard Wakefield
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Jason O'Mara as Dirk Morrison
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by NicolaTesla 4 / 10

Lost time

This move got me intrigued for a while and I specifically waiting and avoided to read or see any reviews because I wanted to experience this movie from a blank slate. when we got the end credits of this movie I was left with a feeling of '2-hours lost i'm never getting back' What a waste of time and talent. I can sit for hours and watch Bryan Cranston act but this whole execution of an attempt to make a movie was a total miss by it's creators. Cranston is amazing to see and hear and to see him pull this sloppy story and script off with the class he brings is a a miracle. The makeup was terrible and inconsistent. The music score didn't know what it wanted to be (minimalistic, adventurous, Clint-Eastwoodesk Piano style, Jazz, Noir..) it's all over the place. The Down Syndrome actors where a disgrace to watch at, the director or editor or casting agent should be ashamed for the way these characters are brought to the screen and the way the are portrait as story filler / forced-endearing tool. There's more then smiling, pointing and repeating names and words! And the most disappointing thing of it all. The ending! I understand you want to play off the whole 'open end' feeling, but this is just bad bad writing and cinematic execution. We do not need any more discomfort at the end, it's been enough of that sitting through it all.

Reviewed by jonyrowe 4 / 10

An enjoyable movie, with a disappointing ending

While Bryan Cranstons casting and an intriguing hide in the garage plot is largely enjoyable, the climax is disappointing.

We watch as Cranston fails to return home, hides in the garage and watches his family as a missing person.

When he does finally walk back through the Door, the film ends. Very disappointing, how did he explain himself, was he accepted back into the arms of his wife and children? Who knows..

Is this just a ruse for a sequel, I think not, but it left me deflated and wanting to know what happened next.. Avoid.

Reviewed by barbagvido 6 / 10

Could have been more interesting

Wakefield is a film starring Bryan Cranston as the man who hides in a garage for months looking at the events in his house and everyone thinking he's missing. Basically, he's looking at his life without him.

It's an interesting premise on it's own, but the movie never really does anything about that and the plot barely goes anywhere through the entire movie. And yeah, don't expect much of a resolution at the end. This is something that works on paper, but doesn't translate to the screen very well. One of the biggest problems is also a lack of interesting and creative direction. If a director made it stranger and more unique, it would have been a lot more interesting. This way, it just doesn't stick out. But still, it's filled with powerful performances, especially from Bryan Cranston, who never fails to impress and pretty much carries the entire movie with his performance and he might be one of the few reasons it wasn't completely uninteresting. The premise itself, a few interesting but not memorable enough moments and the premise are what saves this movie from being bad. But it's not particularly good either.

While the run-time isn't long the movie is longer than it should be and by the last third the end can't come soon enough. Only watch if you're a big fan of Cranston. Other than that, you won't find much here.

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